∃volve is L♥ve, Spw∃lled Backwards ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★☄|☄★☮∞♥♪♬~π∃

∃volve is L♥ve, Spw∃lled Backwards ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★☄|☄★☮∞♥♪♬~π∃

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Acronymonious Universal Love Spwelle

π ~ | ~ π🦉 🦆 ...thoughts on...loving the world well elle baninshment.of.hell.ish.evil.factions.infecting.our.beloved.home

the Universe's beloved breathing earth


to the tunes of All good music:  Painful healing 'prayer with em eye love to Universe on the abjectly parasitic and destructive colonization of this planet by the Extra Terrestrial infection of eons.


 It IS possible, potential, for eras and eons of permanent healing...
*so be it so it is, GROUND*

Will:  The circle is *never* broken, see ... chicka, Cheekah...see the Child's definition of Providence on Marryum Web-ster:
More Definitions for providence

providence noun
prov·​i·​dence | \ˈprä-və-dəns
Kids Definition of providence

1 often capitalized : help or care from God or heaven
NAZA image credit
2 capitalized : God as the guide and protector of all human beings
3 : prudence, thrift

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Great Conjunction American Presidents Marionettes

History Lesson in Astrology:  The Great Conjunction and American Presidents (as the Marionettes they mostly have been ? so far ?)

{;;;Wakey-Wakey, Sizzle, Sizzle, Drizzle Drazzle Drop, D.rule Drool time for this one to come home).... Snap! Crackle! Pop!:::} Zig-Zag Face

This president does not know the meaning of Respect, for self thus otherwise.  

Please give us Nina Simone's color orange black until further notice.

Let It Rain.

to the tune of

Evidence - Rain Drops (Prod. by Twiz the Beat Pro) [Official Video]
published on Evidence's birthday,
Rhymesayers Entertainment
Published on Dec 10, 2018


"If there is something to be changed in this world then it can only happen with MUSIC." -Jimi

Johannes Kepler [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Cosmic.  He has fallen down once reportedly, this past week.  They have always been positioning to take him down, now.  Pray for a 'better' election come 2020.  Unfortunately, their circus wheel, the games, continue.  

May they become more Evident, as more folks wakey-wakey and fight the power, to evolve more toward that 'promised land', service-to-others oriented.

From Wikipedia:  "A great conjunction is a conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn.[Note 1] The last great conjunction took place on May 31, 2000, while the next one will be in late December 2020. Great conjunctions take place regularly, every 18–20 years, as a result of the combined ~12-year orbital period of Jupiter around the Sun, and Saturn's ~30-year orbital period. The 2000 conjunction fell within mere weeks after both had passed conjunction with the Sun, and it was very difficult to observe without visual aid because the two planets rose only 30–45 minutes before sunrise, depending upon the location of the observer.

A greatest conjunction is a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at or near their opposition to the Sun. In this scenario, Jupiter and Saturn will occupy the same position in right ascension on three separate occasions over a period of a few months. Such tripled occurrences are actually known as triple conjunctions." MORE arrow- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_conjunction

To doze OFF looney toones of the entire country is so pissed off at = and ashamed of having all you Drump cuphook crooks apppointed to the cabinet
you on the bench up there from your buddy Drumpf and oh yeah, yet another evil elf's grimacing selfish more for us less for them grim war
Circus wheel intermission:                               
Du6h, bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu, BAYbe (to his wife the next day after the inquiries, sleps on couch in basement for duration)

I LIKE _____filinblank--------; I've ALWAYS liked ______________, I STILL like ______________I will probably always like _______________________and I'm getting shitfaced as we testivy:  CRISPY FRIED TESTIFIED
while their young victims were TERRIFIED and TRAUMATISED
PTSD UP YOUR OWN  ASS, K, cause that's what they will do to you if you don't right quick become a voice of good,
SERVICE TO OTHERS type of more human BEE-ing
get busy

 another grimace before study time bette'herr  wash watch ugly mug-butt bette'herr

[{Not one molecule of respect for past of }] 
Sully SCOTUS II Cross-Eyed Lie=ing
Brunt Kavanaugh High School fool, =book= blurp! ~Pop!? transcribed +barf+, ~farrrrrrrrt~, oh, re{.x.}cuse me, where'd that evil elf go...???
(conjugate, much?, duh??...burp! Pop??):
"Varsity Football 3, 4; J.V. Football 2; Freshman Football 1; Varsity
Basketball 3, 4 (Captain); Varsity Spring Track 3; Little Hoya 3, 4*** Landon
Rocks and Bowling Alley Assault -- What a Night; Georgetown vs.
Louisville -- Who Won That Game Anyway?; Extinguisher; Sum-
mer of '82 -- Total Spins (Rehobeth 10, 9 ...); Orioles vs. Red Sox
-- Who Won, ANyway?; Keg City Club (Treasurer) -- 100 Kegs or
(maybe eye was drunk when i p blurp{Pop!}ed this out)
Bust' Ann Daugherty's -- I Survived the FFFFFFFourth of July;
Renate Alumnius; Malibu Fan Club; Ow, Neatness 2. 3; Devil's
Triangle; Down Geezer, Easy, Spike, How ya' doin', Err Ah; Reho-
beth Police Fan Club (with Shorty); St. Michael's ... This is a
Whack; Wendy Witney Fan Club; Judge --Have You Boofed
Yet?; Beach Week Ralph Club -- Biggest Contributor; Maureen --"

sounds, looks and smells like shit - a satanic spell of evil intent and dirty doings;
Better Get Your Act Together KavaNot

where's that old yellow puke bucket of mine...oh, yeah, over by the bean pot

As omens

Great conjuctions and (you ess) president deaths

Presidents who were elected around a great conjunction
Election Year President Died in office? Date of Death or Incident Cause of Death / Detail of Incident
1840 William Henry Harrison Yes 4 April 1841 Pneumonia
1860 Abraham Lincoln Yes 15 April 1865 Assassination
1880 James A. Garfield Yes 19 September 1881 Assassination
1900 William McKinley Yes 14 September 1901 Assassination
1920 Warren G. Harding Yes 2 August 1923 Heart attack
1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt Yes 12 April 1945 Cerebral haemorrhage
1960 John F. Kennedy Yes 22 November 1963 Assassination
1980 Ronald Reagan No 30 March 1981 Shot but survived.
2000 George W. Bush No 10 May 2005 Thrown a live grenade which did not detonate.

Hold on to your hats, you essss...they have always been positioning to take this puppet down. 
May our Universe's love help humanity protect their own good.

Thank you Chautauqua for this photo.  Visit Augureye Express
protection all around you with the Universal light

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit – The 2020 Great Conjunction
by The Astrology King

Jupiter and Saturn and the Great Conjunction Curse
by Bob Berman/June 22, 2017

"If there is something to be changed in this world then it can only happen with MUSIC."
~ Jimi Hendrix

Happy Birthday, Evidence

π ~ | ~ π🦉 🦆

Friday, December 7, 2018

Say that Then

New Moon Pisces 13'

dedicated to Amazing James
the original
Mountain Man ...

Dave Soulchild
Published on Jan 13, 2014
∃ π ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ π ∃
🦉 🦆

Erykah Badu, the fierce warrior woman herself...

respect, love, admiration

beautiful, do flying
Erykah Badu, my all-time fave forever free spirit woman musician artist
after Jimi Hendrix, childhood fave
the plasma lies to our faces in plain sight

Gil Scott HeronIntroduction / The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Small Talk at 125th and Lenox Version)
Album Small Talk at 125th and Lenox

Produced by Bob Thiele

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Hold Your Head Up - Argent - 1972 - (Long Version)

Brother Ali "All The Beauty In This Whole Life"

π ~ | ~ π🦉 🦆

Be seeing you

Atmosphere - Fortunate (Official Video)
Rhymesayers Entertainment
Published on Nov 25, 2014

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn

Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn
explicitly elegant excellent lyricist

at Rhymesayers Entertainment

This song is proving to be a timeless keeper.  (If only the insanity will end.)  I have been studying it really hits home here in the U Esssssssssssssss, great sound soothing the wound of awakening soul with pure truth down that endless rabbit hole. Brother Ali raps his amazing lyrics with pure excellence.  This is rap/hip hop at its finest and most intelligent from this good man, soul.  You can check his work out at Rhymesayers dot com. He's been touring again with some more beautiful music for us.  We need him now more than ever in the Crazytown age of Drumpf.

That, I keep trying to post a review at amazon, one that won't get kicked out of their little mammoth monopoly club  I'm on my third try so far...
5 stars
Brother Ali Nails It, Heart and Soul

Brother Ali, putting his touring hat on for Sensitive

Brother Ali, check out his new album Sensitive
at Rhymesayers !
What a beautiful Man!
Brother Ali, this song is the sheeit!!!  I can't wait to get the other songs.  Erykah Badu is a goddess.  This tune is yet another keeper, beautiful!!!  I love it so much.  Playing it over, and over, getting every last word and breath imprinted into my DNA.  I know the behemoth Amazon sucks for treating their workers terrible, but for those out in the boonies where technology has not trampled on us so boldly yet, it gets us to music...

'Worcester ('Wistah') accent through Manhatten intro'

The Undisputed Truth
Brother Ali
Uncle Sam, Goddamn

Dall'album "The Undisputed Truth" uscito nell'aprile 2007

The name of this song is uncle sam goddamn
bass intro..."It's a show tune but the show aint been written for it yet...(ah such sacred inspiration)
Were gonna see if tony Jerome and the band can maybe work this shit out for me
And straighten me out right quick
I like it so far man


(here is where Mz D 
prays to the Universe
for the controller insanity to end

Come on, lets go

Welcome to the united snakes
Land of the thief, home of the slave
Grand imperial guard where the dollar is sacred

Come on lets do this shit for real now

Smoke and mirrors, stripes and stars
Stoner for the cross in the name of god
Bloodshed, genocide, rape and fraud
Written to the pages of the law, good lord

The cold continent latchkey child
Ran away one day and started acting vile
Brother Ali Breaks the Set on
Where Hip Hop Meets Islam and 'Mourning in America'
Published on Apr 10, 2014
King of where the wild things are, daddy's proud
Cause the roman empire done passed it down

Imported and tortured the work force
They never healed the wounds or shook the curse off
Now the grown up goliath nation
Holdin open auditions for the part of David, can you feel it?

Nothing can save you, you question the rain
You get rushed in and chained up
fists raised but I must be insane
Cause I cant figure a single goddamn way to change it

Welcome to the united snakes
Land of the thief, home of the slave
Grant imperial guard where the dollar is sacred
And power is god

Welcome to the united snakes
Land of the thief, home of the slave
Grant imperial guard where the dollar is sacred
And power is god

All must bow to the fat and lazy  (big satan's spawn fat head red tie and hat come to insult the mind)
The fuck you obey me and why do they hate me
Only two generations away from the
Worlds most despicable slavery trade

Pioneered so many ways to degrade a human being
That it cant be chains to this day
Legacy so ingrained in the way that we think
We don't need to wear chains to be slaves

Lord that's a sinful display
The overseers even got raped along the way
Cause the children cant escape from the pain
And they;re born with the poors and this hatred in their veins

Try and separate a man from his soul
You'll only strengthen him and lose your own
We'll shoot that fucker if he walk near the throne
Remind him that this is my home (now I'm gone)

Welcome to the united snakes
Land of the thief, home of the slave
Grant imperial guard where the dollar is sacred
And power is god

Welcome to the united snakes
Land of the thief, home of the slave
Grand imperial guard where the dollar is sacred

Hold up, gimme one right here

You don't give money to the bums
On the corner with a sign, bleeding from their gums
Talking about you don't support a crackhead
What you think happens to the money from yo' taxes

Shit the governments the addict
With a billion dollar a week kill brown people habit
And even if you aint on the front line
When the master yell crunch time you right back at it

You aint look at how you hustling backwards
And the end of the year add up what they subtracted
3 outta twelve months your salary
Paid for that madness, man that's sadness

Whats left get a big ass plasma
To see where they made dan rather point the damn camera
Only approved questions get answered
Now stand your ass up for that national anthem

Welcome to the united snakes
Land of the thief, home of the slave
Grant imperial guard where the dollar is sacred
And power is god

Welcome to the united snakes
Land of the thief, home of the slave
Grant imperial guard where the dollar is sacred
And power is god

[instrumental break]

Custom made, the consumer news
Keep saying we're free
But were all just blue 

π ~ | ~ π🦉 🦆

Democracy Now dot org

Please note, since this request went in yesterday to Democracy Now, I remembered two things.  One, I had forgotten the expletives are in fact there, but I should have said that there are long stretches of excellent lyrics that could be played for Amy Goodman and the team's musical breaks that would not swear.  And two, I forgot the swears.  :)

Democracy Now Music Request 12/3/18: 
Please consider this anti-war song of excellence for the best news show available, Democracy Now. 
The title is Uncle Sam Goddamn (2007), but that is the only expletive, it is of the hip-hop/rap genre, and it is elegant for your audience.  Brother Ali, of Muslim faith, an impeccable artist and person.  He is with Rhymesayers, and here are links, the lyrics for this song on one blog post, enjoy the video. 

...thought I might have heard whisper for Abbie's sake...

Politicians.  They are all playing the same game, all on the same team fighting with each other and jockeying for position, money, fame.  There are a very few good people there, don't get me wrong, that have/are working hard, relentlessly trying to help others from within the system that is so foul and corrupt.  We know who they are, as their light shines on the fact they have not let the others trick them in to selling their soul.

Dec. 2018. The Grimace finally stops polluting the atmosphere with it's breath, leaving in it's wake a path of illuminati Satan Laughing Spreads It's Wings, pedophilia and destruction.  The stoopid elf and the rest of the Aleister Crowley's spawn go to the wake and eat the pieces.  Somebody goes to hit them with their shoes at the ... bohemian ceremony of groves.  What was wrong with having a half decent president, (JFK,) anyway, goddamnit?  Oh, yeah, it was too ... better. 'Rest' in Hell bush senior, suffering all the mayhem you wreaked upon the earth ... and may your family worship there with you soon

Oops!  sorry, pass the yellow puke bucket again please ... sorry about that rude outburst there, if only there were nothing to be sorry about

gngngngngngngngngngngngngngnng.  sigh.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Morris Novelty Trick or Treat

Photo, and much of the inspiration for this post, belongs to
sweet Amy,
Gertrude and Morris'
my former sister-in-law
Morris, and Gertrude Karklin of Providence Rhode Island were my grandparents-in-law.  They were amazing grandparents, and their business was fascinating.

We loved visiting them, Sheila, Amy, Andrew and me.  Morris Novelty had been around for decades, they started the business in 1939 and by the 1980s in the nooks and crannies of that vast place treasures were to be found, like antique novelties that were stamped 'Made in Occupied Japan' or 'Made in Occupied Germany', and other places around the world.  The warehouse was the size of a football field, totally disorganized to the untrained eye, and there were three levels of shelving that were piled high.  Cats roamed the place and kept it moused. 

A long time ago
(I wrote a poem about Morris Novelty but lost literally everything in Andrew's and my divorce over a decade later...most egregiously lost my voluminous journaling.)  Miles of Aisles of Piles.

Morris unfortunately died suddenly in the 80s, I think he was in his 70s, and his beloved Gertrude followed him 6 months later of a broken heart.  Their middle daughter of three, my mother-in-law Sheila, commuted with us to Pawtucket that year to do whatever we could to help Gertrude...

When Morris and Gertrude weren't working in the store they were traveling to all the carnivals along the shore, to stores, and flea markets.  Their novelties spanned the entire year of holidays so something was always in season, including birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and every other special occasion, that were always in need of decorations, table settings and what have you.  Halloween was a specialty.

My mom Sharon and Sheila at the Arboretum
Jamaica Plain
Morris was a kind man with a sense of humor.  I wish I had some photos of them.  He liked to help folks out with merchandise on credit even when they could not pay.  He had his route, Gertrude always by his side, singing songs with us in the old station wagon on those long day-trips visiting all those folks' businesses.  We spent many holidays with Bubbie and Zadie.  They were my family, the family that I had craved since we had to leave my father's family in Italy, and then here in the states my mother's father died, back in the 60s.

Rhode Island Novelty is kind of a modern version of Morris Novelty, but is missing the character and patina.
[ https://www.rinovelty.com/ ]

Me, Reagan, John, Andrew
with some of Morris Novelty's
more racey items for sale, late 80s
My first husband Andrew and I were in our teens/early twenties, lived in Sheila's home on Cherry Street just outside of Porter Square, and we did the Monday through Saturday trek through Boston's Southeast Expressway and on to Pawtucket, R.I. in our brown Toyota Corolla wagon with a 5 speed manual tranny.  That car was stoved in on both front fenders, and drove like a bat out of hell.

Sheila adored her parents and did everything she could to help run the business during the tragedy.  After the unconscionable loss of both of them, she did her best to run Morris Novelty, most of which on the business end was lost to Morris' memory and proved a great challenge to us, until the business could be sold.

The several employees who had been working there most of their long lives thought differently, that it was they who should inherit Morris Novelty, and not the Karklin's three daughters...Sheila's elder sister lived in Connecticut and her younger sister lived in Pennsylvania.  I think.  And the sisters were both well off already and were totally unsupportive of Sheila.  They wanted her to just let it go, to just let the employees have it.

But, we hung in there through the turmoil, and the sale turned out ok.

That magical place that was Morris Novelty for so many years eventually sold, to our sad and exhausted relief, and seemed to do well for a 25 more years or so.

Sheila at my parent's home
on holiday

Sheila was Abbie's first wife.  I didn't know who he was when I became friends with Amy, then with Andrew, but he became the elephant in the room after a few years.  I just knew that Sheila, her parents and her kids accepted me for who I was, pretty much, a crazy, mixed up kid, and they became family. 

I just learned that Abbie's grandfather was also named Morris.

I am saddened to just now learn that Morris Novelty burned down in 2011. 

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular - Roger Williams Park Zoo
Nov 2, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Impeach Brett Kavanaugh


We Believe Survivors

We Believe Survivors


I Believe Her (Dr. Christine Blasey Ford) Emma's Revolution

Federal Judges In Colorado Asked To Handle Kavanaugh Complaints
CBS Denver
Published on Oct 11, 2018
Kavanaugh committed perjury multiple times under oath during the nomination hearings.

 Remember, Toxic Red Tides Kill

Thursday, October 4, 2018

“Self-Made Billionaire” Donald Trump Built Empire on Father’s Money, Tax Dodging and Fraud

Democracy Now! Oct. 4, 2018 show 

Photo credit Socialist Worker: https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/43937










NYT Exposé: “Self-Made Billionaire” Donald Trump Built Empire on Father’s Money, Tax Dodging and Fraud

Trump Faces Probe into Tax Fraud After NYT Exposes How He Helped Parents Scam Millions from Gov’t


photo credit Cassandra's Legacy, Donald Trump: the Evil Monster
: https://cassandralegacy.blogspot.com/




Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father


photo credit: The Wrap:  Trump as Dr Evil and 9 Other Covers
That Have Ridiculed the President (Photos)













Check Out John McAfee’s (Educated) Warning About The Dark Side of That Presidential Alert Sent to Your Phone

Oct. 4, 2018

In fact, McAfee is known as one of the top cybersecurity experts in the world. And he’s known for bluntly telling unpleasant truths that nobody wants to believe.

In 2016, he wrote:

    Few people are aware of the cybersecurity risks that surround them full time.

    If you own a new Samsung TV, it’s likely constantly recording every word that is spoken in its vicinity, and these recordings are being sent to unnamed third parties.

    If you own a car newer than two years old, chances are that hackers have already figured out how to take full control of it while you are driving down the highway. Last year, a brand new Jeep was hacked into by hackers hundreds of miles away and the Jeep was forced off the road by the hackers.

    If you fly on an airplane that provides Internet access, hackers anywhere in the world can take control of the plane and alter its course and speed, and perhaps even bring it down.

    Medical devices such as pacemakers, medical monitors, and other care-critical devices can be hacked into and patients placed into life-threatening situations.

    Our mobile devices are ubiquitously used as spy devices by everyone from our NSA to bored hackers in Uzbekistan. (source)

And now he’s telling us that the Presidential Alert just unlocked access to all our phones.

Given his track record, I tend to believe him.

photo credit

The Unbearable Dishonesty of Brett Kavanaugh

Sept. 29 2018, The Intercept, by Briahna Gray, Camille Baker

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

I Believe Her (Dr. Christine Blasey Ford) Emma's Revolution

Christine Blasey Ford,
thank you
deep appreciation, respect and protection all around you and yours


"I Believe Her"

by Emma's Revolution

(Official Video)

Published on Sep 27, 2018

Emma's Revolution website https://emmasrevolution.com/ibelieveher

Inspired by today's Oct. 2, 2018 Democracy Now!

Venus Goes Retrograde Oct. 5

In solidarity with women everywhere! 

Christine Blasey Ford Photo By United States Senate cameras. Official video by the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, as posted to www.judiciary.senate.gov. - www.judiciary.senate.gov and YouTube., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=73279132

Monday, September 10, 2018

Evolve is Love Spwelled Backwards

Attack on Humanity Explained by Dr Edward Spencer (Neurosurgeon)
StopTheCrime.net NEW
Published on Aug 28, 2018

Humanity must wake up and take care of the earth and each other...

Monday, September 3, 2018

Late Summer's Wane

Monarch Butterfly

As the last days of summer's song wanes toward fall, the flowers are blooming, the peepers are singing, the bees are still busy and the Monarch comes to visit.  Haven't seen the Monarch for several years, this year there were a few this week.

One of them sees the joy he brings me, as I carefully go for my camera.  Without the camera, I find him lighted under my chair, teasing me, flying close past my face.  Pure Joy.

He is becoming so tame.  It's been eight years now, as of today.

The Monarch

Yesterday we saw this video of an aquarium seal playing with a butterfly!
A seal and a butterfly at play at the aquarium in Portland Oregon

A Mourning Cloak on the Sedum

The wood stove was on a few nights ago, in the low 50s.  It's 84' F in the shade now, the sun blaring, punishing.  Our atmosphere feels thin.  The magnetosphere has been dancing.  Whispers of the Galactic Sun in Sagittarius cosmic energies blast, helping humanity awaken?  And talk of a mini-ice age coming, with the solar minimum we are going through.  The Farmer's Almanac calls for a brutal winter... 

7 Reasons Why Humans May Not Have Come From Earth
Published on May 18, 2018

Is the Moon What We Think It Is...?
Food for the Moon
montalk.net » 30 July 05

Unexplained Lunar Mysteries That Will Blow Your Mind
nemesis maturity
Published on Sep 3, 2018

Thunderbird in the sky
looking to our right

Bird of Thunder


28+ Collection of Native American Bird Drawing

An Old Egyptian Artifact
we were studying when the Thunderbird appeared in the clouds

Freebie Hightop, the sweetest little Buff Silkie Bantam hen

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Tallullah and her 11 chicks

a dozen

at the water cooler

the first blue morning glories

every 17 years the Cicadas bloom, ancient looking insect

Bumble Bee

an annoying insectoid nosy neighbor on an ultralight

Hope you are having a great summer!