The Ouroboros | gniaes`.`seaing...gnihtyreve ni slobmys.symbols in everything...

The Ouroboros | gniaes`.`seaing...gnihtyreve ni slobmys.symbols in everything...
Land is not responsible for "Hugh Manatee's" doings. ALL of us are responsible for our own environmental sustainablility

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Trump demonstrating his
intellect and compassion
with his tiny hands
photo credit: Reuters
How could we have this 'president'
who so corruptly wheels and deals
it truly makes no sense
with impunity profits from spoils and steals

With no intellect nor political experience
just a 'reality star' on another mean show
rampaging policies deleterious
each day is blow-by-blow

All he cares for are his ratings,
his self-absorbed masturbatings
while major issues wrangle and fester
about himself is all he can muster

Attacks our civil liberties,
and those quirky or poor
sending us back to dark ages
this filthy dirty whore

The U.S.A. takes in immigrants
who help build this country
how can Trump be so ignorant
steal rights that his ancestors - and wife - enjoy

More money for filthy rich people
that's all this puppet can do
a white pig supremacist sheeple
with orange hair pile of dog-do

Tiny icky pale nasty hands
with greedy, evil intent
robbing his poorer tenants
of every hard earned cent

Grabbing women's vaginas
is sexual assault!
those icky tiny hands
should be crushed under his own bank vault
Ew!!! Grubby tiny hands on his own daughter
Ivanka, who closes her eyes
in so many ways
and here in a demented ecstasy
photo credit:

This glutton should be prosecuted
for all the crimes he's committed
from atop his obscene towers
should be justly tried and convicted

Grubby hands all over his daughter
just how disgusting can he get
how could these deranged women
still hang around him Nyet

Personifies pathological narcissism
in the ugliest possible way
we need to now get rid of him
not tomorrow but today

Climate change denier
profits from oil and coal,
a vicious life destroyer
peddler of death arms dealer

So careless and unknowing
this creep who should step down
in summer it is snowing
the winter rain it pounds

The indigenous must be respected
and their ancestral lands
dirty war mongering arms deals
photo credit
Huffpost Weird News:
Trump Touched A Glowing Orb
In Saudi Arabia And Folks Found It Just A Bit Odd
oil and gas must be rejected
for clean sustainable energy demands

Insane and very stupid
total lack of intellect
emotionally self-centered
the void of compassion sect

Crazy facial expressions
darken every destructive action
how did this evil clown get in office
to him - it's only distraction

He lacks all leadership skill
lacks compassion and understanding
don't tell me, is he in office still
or has justice and peace made a landing

His gruesome crew lacks conscience
for others they don't care
ignorantly insulting the best of journalists
- who risk their lives documenting the worst -

A madman and a racist
a psychopath and pervert
a pedophile and rapist
all that is good he would subvert

Is this Armageddon
are we in last days?
Trumpocalypse they call it
agonizing how it plays

And he's allowed in Office
most have lost all respect
now the corruption is obvious
a tsunami must put this one in check

An enormous wall of water
is what Washington must get
wash away climate change denial
with justice, peace and respect

We will yet come to an era
wash off all this strife
where for all good we care
for this precious earth and life

So simple it will be done
for we are the ones
we care and want to love our planet,
rise, resist and overcome

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd
interview with DemocracyNow!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Smiling Rock, Total Solar Eclipse

Smiling Rock grinned up at me from the road,
with ancient intelligence beyond my understanding,
so I asked Toad.
Maniacle GRIN
'What a load!' croaked Toad, 'you should have know'd -
you humans are the ones that arranged the road'

annoyed toad face in the road
then he paused, no longer mad.
'Been here for millions of years at least,
since back in the days of the giant lizard beast
Rocks witness us as a passing fad.'

This Smiling Rock and 'his' many friends
were exposed, the dirt road washed away by flash floods
climate change
new weather trends.
exposed road
Smiling Rock is granite or feldspar, lined with quartz.
Smooth pebbles in your hand soothe,
but even a tiny rock in your sock hurts.

The road was a rainbow of sand and pebbles, of colored rocks and stones.
Some were dull, some crystalline and translucent, some glittered, shimmered and shone.
translucent (transdimensional)
Many rocks have lines and designs.
They like to hang out, all colors, shapes and sizes coexist, in harmony, just fine.
lines and designs, crescent moon and star nightscape
Those that sparkle, shimmer, and shine, have mutual respect
with those glassy and translucent, or dull, dense, smooth and specked.

We rely on rock in many ways, for protection from rivers and streams
to creation of foundations, roads a bridges to gardens, art, and lots more things.

Smiling Rock lives by the frog pond, marsh grass high,
Frog gets startled and jumps into the drink as I drop by.
Frog with tadpole and fairies

Large ferns - giant ferns to the frogs and toads, grow along the roads and are known
in the woods to shelter the fairy, elf, pixie, brownie, sprite and gnome.
gargoyle with munchies playing flute
The cicadas start their first song with the birds.
Their entry reminds of summers long past.
You can not describe this feeling in words,
just want this moment to last.
rocky road, rocks exposed

The Tamarack grove stands tall.
The needles have gone from their limest spring green
to darker summer evergreen.
Tamarack (Larch) appear to be pines,
but their needles turn yellow and shed in the fall.


Earlier on the road there were rocks out of place, two-toed hoof prints in the sand,
for these wonderful animals, as far as fairness is concerned, this is also their land.
deer, photo © Currier Photography 2017

Smiling Rock looks up with his grin
grinning so hard he's got no chin.

 ∃ ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ ∃

Happy Total Solar Eclipse! 
 "August 21st is the date of “the Great American Eclipse”, and the hype around it is already starting to reach a fever pitch.  It is being called “the Great American Eclipse” because this will be the first total solar eclipse ever that is only visible in the United States.  In other words, since the United States became a nation there has never been a total eclipse that was only visible here and nowhere else.  And this will be the first total solar eclipse to cross from the west coast to the east coast in 99 years.  So for those that love astronomy, this is bigger than the Super Bowl."

Friday, August 11, 2017

“They” Can’t Read Your Thoughts … Right?

August 10, 2017
By Makia Freeman
Contributing writer for Wake Up World

By Dr. Johannes Sobotta - Atlas and Text-book of Human Anatomy
Volume III Vascular System, Lymphatic system,
Nervous system and Sense Organs, Public Domain,

Mind control technology is far advanced beyond what we know. And, thanks to certain whistleblowers and researchers, what we already know is truly scary.

The worldwide conspiracy is all about control, and controlling your mind is one of its ultimate goals. This doesn’t mean just controlling the flow of information into your mind via censorship and propaganda, it means literally controlling what you think and feel, piping thoughts and dreams into your mind subliminally (so you’ll never know it’s happening) and even erasing your memories and/or implanting false ones.

Mind control technology has developed into a highly dangerous weapon, and at this stage, the best thing we can do is to become more aware of it.

The Lilly Wave

Let’s begin with the Lilly wave (named after Dr. John C. Lilly, who worked at the US National Institutes for Health in areas including dolphin brain implants). In this discussion with Jeff Rense, Dr. Patrick Flanagan reveals how he was friends with Lilly. According to Flanagan, Lilly “developed technologies for bypassing the mechanism of the human brain that resist programming”. By chance, Lilly later discovered that there were signals coming in from the power grid (with embedded ultrasonic wave forms and shapes) using his own invention, the Lilly wave, which had been weaponized (like just about everything). Flanagan also states that some of his own inventions were suppressed, taken and used for mind control purposes against the public. The article The Lilly Wave and Psychotronic Warfare states:
“[The Lilly wave] is a bi-phasic electric pulse which stimulates the neurons of the brain to resonate at a certain frequency, thus the Lilly wave has the ability to control the brainwave patterns of the brain. There is however a far more advanced form and a largely unknown and suppressed purpose in the use of the Lilly Wave. The water molecules within the brain can be made to resonate at a desired frequency thus causing the electrons that comprise the brains electrical voltages to also resonate at the same frequency.
It is not a requirement, as is understood by the majority of science, to implant electrodes to cause the brains water molecules to be entrained to a certain frequency, it can also be accomplished by any waveform that can penetrate the skull and cause the entrainment of the brains water molecules. For example, radio waves emitted at a frequency of 40hz, targeted at a persons brain, will entrain the water molecules to a degree of 40hz and thus the rest of the brains electrons will resonate at such a frequency.
In this manner it is possible to stimulate and control the brains wave patterns remotely, with electromagnetism and also acoustic waves … in short, the Lilly Wave is best described as a targeted resonance of the brains molecules.”

Erasing Real Memories … and Implanting Fake Ones

Melissa and Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media have released some informative videos in the last 1-2 years on the general theme of mind control. This video reveals how scientists say they can now erase memories (and implant false ones). This video exposes what the Davos controllers were planning and discussing (in 2016) for the future – brain mapping. It’s Minority Report stuff coming true day by day, with technology rapidly advancing to decode your brain. This means decoding exactly what you are thinking and feeling, as well as what you have just done (e.g. watched a movie):
“… we can reconstruct the objects and actions in the movie just from your brain … thoughts and feelings that you may not be able to verbalize, or may not want to verbalize, they may still leave a signature in your brain, and we might be able to decode that … if we could get to the point where … you can have an unwilling … suspect having their brain decoded … there are no legal protections that could be afforded to you …”
One of the speakers then goes on to say that right now there are no legal concepts or protections such as mental privacy or cognitive liberty. This is where the discussion was already at over 1 year ago!

By BruceBlaus. When using this image in external
sources it can be cited staff (2014).
"Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014".
WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2). DOI:10.15347/wjm/2014.010. ISSN 2002-4436. -
Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Hendricus Loos and Hulu

In another video, Truthstream Media expose the patents of a certain Hendricus G. Loos. One of his patents (US Patent 6,506,148 B2 from 2003) is entitled Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors. It details how your emotional state can be changed by modifying (pulsing) the EM (electromagnetic) fields around you – which electronic devices like TV screens and computer monitors already do. Loos writes:
“It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulling images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set.”
Two things must be noted here. Firstly, this can all be done subliminally, without you consciously noticing it. Secondly, the idea of pulsed RF signals is exactly what smart meters are doing to destroy your health. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are especially dangerous to the human energetic field – and the NWO controllers know it. How will the 5G grid and IoT contribute to all this?

Interestingly, some have suggested that the TV company Hulu derived its name from Hendricks Loos. Hulu famously released its video ad with Alec Baldwin detailing how they produce programs that turn people’s brains to mush in order to prime the brains up for eating by aliens. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Ex-CIA Agent Reveals Shocking Extent of Mind Control Technology: Voice of God, OIW, Forced Dreams & Cybernetic Hive Mind

If what I’ve covered so far shocks you, it’s nothing yet. Check out this 2016 presentation from Dr. Robert Duncan (ex-CIA agent, black ops insider and mind control expert who worked on numerous mind control technology projects). Duncan is literally shaking with nervousness as he gives the speech, probably because he knows the information he is letting out is so sensitive it could get him killed. He reveals how every individual can be mapped into the mind control network of the military intelligence agencies, because each human has a unique resonance signature. He confesses that he worked on a mind control weapon known as the “Voice of God”, which has 4 different techniques that can pipe voices into people’s heads. After a person is subjected to the Voice of God, they can easily be controlled through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, because their thought processes have been rewired.

The Voice of God is part of a broader weapon array known as OIW (Offensive Information Warfare). It was used in the Iraq War against the Iraqi soldiers – voices were piped into their brains commanding them to surrender (saying something like “Drop your weapons, this is Allah”). Duncan reveals that dreams can be hacked in fact. This is especially insidious, since people believe dreams are their private creation. Although he admits the existence of these forced dreams or induced dreams, he states he can’t say which organization is responsible for projecting them. However, a good guess would be DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) which is pushing forward the transhumanism agenda. DARPA has been involved in all sorts of mind control activities, such as creates a Cybernetic Hive Mind which combined “soldiers, EEG brainwave scanners, 120-megapixel cameras, and multiple computers running cognitive visual processing algorithms … to significantly improve the US Army’s threat detection capabilities”.

Conclusion: A Secret Mind Control Technology Network is Being Set Up All Around You

The above is just a snippet of what is out there, and that in turn is just a fraction of the true state of mind control technology (hidden in black military projects). It is undeniable that a mental-emotional control grid is being set up all around us, using the power grid and electronic devices to transmit and subliminally influence us.

Some may argue that this technology can be used for good, but let’s be realistic. This mind control technology has the clear and inherent capacity to be exploited in horribly manipulative ways.

Controlling people’s memories strikes at the heart of what it means to be human: to be able to have your own experiences, feel all the emotions involved in them (including grief and sadness), and learn from your mistakes. Erasing memories is akin to erasing your identity; it’s the very sense of who you are. It’s like the chemical numbing that so many synthetic pharmaceutical drugs deliver. It’s like the soma of Huxley’s Brave New World, a metaphor for all the substances available to us to make us ignore, deny and forget the pain, rather than facing up to it and dealing with it.

To those interested in truth and liberty, surely this subject must take on paramount importance with our research focus. It is hard to understate the extreme danger this technology poses to our freedom.

Original article:

About the author:
Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at Tools For Freedom, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance. An avid promoter of freedom, truth and health, his mission is to expose the truth, raise awareness about the conspiracy to enslave mankind and to help create a critical mass of people to stand up against it – and thus restore peace and freedom to the world.

Want to keep informed with news and analysis on the New World Order, Natural Health, Sovereignty and more? Visit Tools For Freedom, follow Tools For Freedom on Facebook, or sign up for ‘The Freedom Articles’ blog updates.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hummingbird Moth Feasting on Nectar

Sunflower buzzed by Bee (fuzzy, upper left)

Had my camera in the garden one fine August day, and a bumble bee buzzed this sunflower.  I was in heaven, capturing photos in this warm, beautiful garden in the hills of Vermont.

There were many butterflies that year, Monarchs, Morning Cloaks, Spring Azures, and all kinds of bees.

Just about everybody by now knows how bees (and butterflies) are less in number across the globe and in grave danger from the ignorant use of deadly products like Monsanto's Roundup (glyphosphate).  It also causes cancer in people.  Of course there are other environmental dangers, like the current U.S. administration, human rights abuses, pollution, wireless technology pollution, climate change, big agriculture, rainforest destruction, toxic chemicals and chemical dumbing down, pharmaceuticals, flouride in the water, nuclear fallout from Fukushima, fracking, use of coal, gas and oil, nuclear power, use of plastics, chemtrails (geoengineering) and the list goes on.  Without bees, our gardens suffer, that which we rely on for life.

Monarch Butterfly on lilacs

I 'pray' for protection for the sunflower, for the trees, for all the critters, for all life.  Avoid all chemical use.

Morning Cloak Butterfly

The color of the tiny Spring Azure Butterfly thrills me, it is my favorite.  One has to be very careful to not step on them!  I tried to capture the inner wings showing the blue, and it is just a blurry swatch.  They are so intelligent and sweet.  I have been honored with one lighting on my finger.

Little butterfly blue
your sweetness and beauty is true

If I had my way
yours will always be the bests of days

Be safe, little blue butterfly
Stay here and live in my garden

I will look after you and tend to the flowers
To your delight

And to mine, on my finger you light

These photos are of flowers with similar color to the Spring Azure.  Indigo blue flowers are the best.
Lavender, Lobelia and Bluegrass  ♪ ♬
variegated Spiderwort, a favorite
Here is the teeny critter wanting to hang out by the extension chord.  See his beautiful big eyes and his tiny antenna reaching up for the air then down to the earth.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud buzzing in the Giant Phlox flowerbed just beyond.
There was a beautiful hummingbird moth, with colored wings that matched the flowers whose nectar she was feasting on.  If only I were a professional photographer!

Hummingbird Moth on Giant Phlox

I couldn't be more blessed.


Purple Finch

Purple Finch and his Burdock seed feast
The Galactic Center, (26 degrees Sagittarius)  |
Happy August 8!  |

"The Galactic Center is one of the most highly charged points of energy in the solar system and contains vibrations that we do not often get to experience. For this reason, when Earth moves to the Galactic Center, we are all able to receive massive downloads of higher frequency energy."

Monday, July 24, 2017

Peace Warrior Frog

July 23 New Moon 0' Leo, conjunct Mars square Uranus
Green Frog *

I finally saw Frog
and felt much better
hopping in marsh
this year much wetter.

Had not seen Frog
since the flash floods
that on July 3
had raged on by.

I had wondered how these
swimmy green critters
survived, and hoped
they didn't die.

The one who revealed himself to me
was rugged, large and on land.

He gave me a wink
I gave him a giggle
his wink to make me not think.
Webbed foot **

So to surrender to the woods
to the trees
and flowing brook
he flippered into the tall grass
his path shivered and shook.

Frog never looked back
so on my way went
through the fresh air scent
to have met with
Peace Warrior Frog.

∃ ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ ∃

Photo citations:
By No machine-readable author provided. Zandberg assumed (based on copyright claims). - No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims)., Public Domain,
**  By David Perez - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
Webbed hind foot of common frog (Rana temporaria)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Chick Hatchlings at the Homestead

Life.  It can be so precious.  
We are hatching out our chicken eggs.  Our hens were not broody, so we used the incubator.  These little fellers are so sweet it hurts.  They on average, take 21 days to hatch. 

Just set the eggs, 21 days to go...

Day 21, 1st three guarded by Stubbs and Mary

and then there were 4...

here are those chicks hatching out


and then there were 5

and day 22 then there were 7...napping

Dare we hope for more to hatch out?
Little Gemini's.
Those little chick conversations in there at the cafeteria...

These chicks are mostly Americauna breed, originating in South America.  They are a gentle chicken, cold hardy and they lay green or blue eggs.  more on Americaunas 

Just want to be in the garden.   So tired of the fussing and fighting that humans do.

Day 21.  Our chicks started hatching.  Didn't have any broody hens so we had to use the incubator, then keep them under a heat lamp when they hatched.  5 so far.  The dogs have been through this hatching routine with us twice before, are being really eggcellent around the chicks.  To my amazement, our 2 year old kitty cat is being eggcellent around them, too.   She looks in on them from time to time, just briefly, then goes about her business.

Day 22.  We have two more chicks, one red and one black.  They had to be assisted to hatch.  One of them is struggling to stay upright, it may have been upside down in the egg.  It looks like mostly Honey's eggs are hatching.  The other mother hen (we hatched out years back), is a surprise half Black Sexlink, half Americauna, and actually produced an offspring (Sexlinks usually don't).  We have one of her beautiful black chicks.

Day 23.   And then there were 8.  (There was a 9th that sadly did not make it.  Rips your heart out.) 

//youtube Higher Truth Channel, Why Isn't The Sun Yellow Any More?//

This afternoon (day 24 all chicks look to be doing well, so far so good.) 

PEERS Want to Know Quote of the week: "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."  ~~  Albert Einstein

Hello there!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Froggie Eating Blackflies

froggie's smiling.  eating tons of blackflies  :)
Froggie's cool, hiding under a rocky cave pond.

He tells me I don't know shit.  I heartily agree, even though I know too much. Respect...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Chris Cornell Suicided at 52, Dangers of Anti-Anxiety Meds

This can't be.  I don't believe one word that it was suicide.  It was not suicide.  Chris you were murdered, suicided.  I can feel your shock and confusion, and agony that you want to be here taking care of your family.  If you were as reported in fact taking Ativan for anxiety, oh, no, Chris, I am so sorry.  Way too young, you had so much more to do.  I am just heartbroken for Vicky and your children, and for your friends and us fans.  It's true that you are a beautiful man, a beautiful person and amazing musician. I will send healing to your family for the duration.  Your incarnation ceasing is a huge loss.  I love you so much.

Anti-anxiety drugs are extremely dangerous!  I was avoiding writing about this.  Last December I had asked for some anti-anxiety meds from the doc.  The insomnia sucks, can lead to the dreaded destructive mania, so does the anxiety.  She gave me Lorezapam.  I knew they caused suicidal ideation as a side effect, but took them anyway.  I got increasingly depressed taking them.  After 2 weeks, Dec. 18 I O.D.'d on all the medications I had. (I had not tried to take my life since I was 12 - that was 1973.)  I don't remember taking all those drugs. 

I woke up in the basement of CVMC.  There were paintings on the walls of water, sky, but no windows.  They told me I had O.D.'d.  I had sticky things all over my chest where they had monitored my heart.  There was death, staring me straight in the face.  I stared back.  It took me four days to get out of the clutches of that hospital.  Anti-anxiety drugs are extremely dangerous, insidious and can take one out in the flip of a switch.  I will never take anti-anxiety drugs again.  The drugs they give you for psychiatry make you sicker!

Chris Cornell is gone, there is nothing we can do to get him back.  We love you, Chris.  It is only just sinking in.  Be extremely careful with any psychotropic drugs that are offered you.  Avoid them if you can at all cost.  There are alternatives.  Homeopathic medicine.  Herbs.  Cognitive therapies.   Music...

I needed help, not pills.  I am currently doing EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing) therapy for PTSD.  It seems to be helping...

Chris, hang in there, we'll all be together over there.  So sad.  Love you.  Your family is loved and will be cared for.

Story image for Chris Cornell family from Fox News

Monday, May 1, 2017

it is written...Spontaneous Healing Happens for All, Inclusive, Well and Good Intent

∃ ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ ∃

Spontaneous Healing Happens
Healing the Earth, it is done: by Auntie Matter and Granny Milky Waye
8/18/2015, reposted in honor for Martha, and all those battling disease

~too late, for archonia, and evil parasitic greed~

on and after these date: 10/10/10; 11/11/11; 12/12/12
all better and good is Awake
and evil has lost its power forever
no matter how a polar shift is, it will never more be confusing or confused or obfuscating
all is direct, whether retrograde in apparent motion or not for ever more
from here on
and tribes of every color and even white, and especially black, is protected as is well intended and all good inclusive life, including all forms of stone
end is stress deleted is strife
silica, silly, and any form of water
it's all deleted right and good as before
but this time never more
will Earth be any whore

and time, waits for no individual
only a collective

she our mother Earth is now and forever respected
and evil IS deleted forever

way beyond any future 26,000 year cycle

Auntie Matter
and Granny Milky Waye
vaccumed evil intent in all its form, up with her black hole
yes her womb
in the minds' eye and eyes of all who loved their planet home

all good folk
decided to believe
that control was never to win

and that the lies they let go
were what humanity was let astray
and it mattered no more
because hey:

War Never More
its bitter end forever deleted
war is the sin

Cain and Able...?
what an ancient fable

twisted is what the deleted way was

and evil is evermore deleted
because it's non existence became necessary
for the healing ongoing
was unstoppable and spontaneous
and in all our lifetimes as of in this Now: 8/17/2015

eye caught a ride, from a friend
we drove the river in twisted bend
arrive to the wells
little river
to help me shake this gut wrenching shiver
with therapy

and so it was and will never be more
with Odin binding all evil intended Geoengineer for ever
even satanic fools nor ignorance will not ever more
for considering Earth thiers to own; a whore

= existence is a collective, the entire universe, silly

as they laugh in the face
of poor humanity
their ugly construct virtual, imploded from within
but not, so without.

= existence is a collective, no longer willy nilly from within, but without is ok as long, because Earth is respected here on

Earth's health stays in tact
in fact, all her stones
all her rocks and water and all things
become activated awake
by the Word through the Elders

it is written it is done
not even All.One
could stop the healing now.
it heals so well, so fast
evil is deleted
that evil is already gone

the rocks may be passive, every grain of sand
every molecule of water

the nuclear age is deleted
and with it war as a tool for profiteers of Satan worshipping
is exposed for the weakling it in all ways was so that too is now deleted
by our beloved Milky Way

who knew
all know
whether they like it or not
so join the collective or be deleted instantaneously

and a renaissance of like minds reigns
for ever on and more
no longer any cycle
of 26,000 annuals...

will be used with life that is good
as it should and it is willed by love in~tent
and every good abode
nevermore to be pilled
or killed as evil in our mind as allone.strong: evil is deleted

while good folk wait in a parking lot
the true terrorism flies over head
a black metal bird
of the thumping harrassment kind
when will they realise that money corrupts? in the Now
it's over for them and they are to be so happy
to join with the good or be deleted for all eternity

as the children have already inherited the earth
as they realise they have, then is just the simplest truth

It is Written.  So mote, and so be it, so it be forever on and on.

U love, All

Saturday, April 8, 2017

trump's Mean Hunting Bill Not Funny

This Bear Has A Rebuttal To Trump's Hunting Bill
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

I never was much of a Colbert fan, he is such a blatant capitalist, but since the trump scandal, debaucle, I've become one.  I know it isn't funny, nothing about trump is funny (weird, yes, but not humorous.)  But I've taken to getting some occasional comic relief. 

and ~

Alec Baldwin has always been great cast in the creepy roles of sociopath...
he is another actor I suddenly have a bit of respect for, and after all these years.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

C ☄llab☄rati☄n... 🦉 owl 🦆 duck ∃ ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ ∃

🦉  owl
🦆 duck
∃ ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ | ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ ∃

so, yeah, what if we wanna collaborate.   a bunch of us bloggers?

to the tunes of
Nina Simone... start with ...?

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Trump vs the People: A Psychiatrist's Analysis

By Carol Wolman, MD
"Many people, including members of Trump's inner circle, have commented on his mental and emotional instability. The following uses a professional point of view, where possible, to understand his psychology and way of operating, based, of course, on publicly available material. I include a section at the end on how best to stop his march to unlimited power."

 Malignant Narcissism

to the tune of Anais Mitchell, Why We Build the Wall
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Eating, Zen Style

Make a nice meal.
Light a candle. 
Optional:  play some soothing music

Set a nice table. 
Do a short meditation
Clang a note with a metal tune fork
Set down in a comfortable chair. 
Light a candle.
Eat slow, mindfully, enjoying and being grateful for every bite.
Smash the television so you never have to eat with corrupt politics, murder and mayhem or inanity again...ooops...
Abby Martin, Breaking the Set,
American journalist

Abigail Suzanne "Abby" Martin (born September 6, 1984) is an American journalist and presenter of The Empire Files, a weekly investigative news program on teleSUR English and YouTube. She was formerly the host of Breaking the Set on RT America network, working from the Washington, D.C. bureau. Before hosting her own show, she had worked for two years as a correspondent for RT America.
Martin is also an artist and activist, and helped found the citizen journalism website Media Roots. She serves on the board of directors for the Media Freedom Foundation which manages Project Censored. Wikipedia