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with ∞ Granny Galaxy ∞

∃volve is L♥ve, Spw∃lled Backwards ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★☄|☄★☮∞♥♪♬~π∃

∃volve is L♥ve, Spw∃lled Backwards ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★☄|☄★☮∞♥♪♬~π∃
Parental Warning, Explicit 'Lyrics!!! Universe..Only Thing Infinite is Change..

Monday, January 14, 2019

Exclusive Angela Davis Speaks Out on Palestine

350+ Academics Stand with Angela Davis, call on Birmingham Civil Rights
to Re-Issue Human Rights Award


In solidarity with Angela 


"The indivisibility of Justice...As A Matter of Fact":

Exclusive: Angela Davis Speaks Out on Palestine, BDS & More After Civil Rights Award Is Revoked

'That board ... does not represent the Sentiment of the People of Alabama'


Hat Tip He Cracked the Code

What is Magic

Atmosphere - Grafitti

Set Me Free:  So much Gratitude for Atmosphere
I will NEVER break your hearts

Please, NEVER the bad intentioned stuff, that is No Joke. 

Minus the smoke and mirrors?  Minus the entertainment factoid?

Simple:  That witch occurs.  'That which occurs.'  Enjoy every second of it.

And every especially the last human being on the planet
is one of Mother Earths' children...

Rabbits Run Punkin Pi

Breathe.  On looking forward to now's golden silence without the brook beside the pond.  Run Rabbit Punk In Pi Recipe, created on the fly 1/7/ cooking time, 5 hours, not including roasting the beloved orange cute baby punkins and growing the little sugars before that with love and no pesticides, but a rudely cut-short growing season first week of October, dumped on by a ton of snow and January weather, then no snow and quite a bit of rain til January...what's going on with the weather?  Yikes.  Still putting the boots to and turning the screws on humanity?  So sorry for them for that, they really got it coming because our great grandmother the 'galaxy' is upset because Mother Earth's Nemesis is getting pissed at them again.

first, who wants their tea leaves red?  Ok, Rooibos or Hibiscus?...January 19 release is a 29 cap.

 Now for the recipe..working on that...this is a published draft like all the other posts here.  Save.  Publish.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Shadia Mansour Rap

And on getting on with realising that TV is PROGRAMMING.  Mind Control in the Guise of Entertainment.

I do not believe in apocalypse now or ever, I refuse, perhaps it is delusion, perhaps it is faith and hope.  Not the zombie theory.  I call bull shit on that.

But nothing wrong with preparation, at least of your body and mind/soul. There are more and more cases of autism escalating with the rise of Geoengineering. These people are poisoned by aluminum and other toxins found in vaccines.  'They' the evil parasitic factions of the Controllers are literally spraying mankind with toxic chemicals, deluding humanity, by pretending that they are only controlling the weather with HAARP + the Geoengineering.

Gnash, gnash, gnash!!   Ugh!!!  (Turn TV on, insert shriek of horror here.)

Humans band together in a crisis, it is survival instinct.  Even in the densely populated areas, when there is a big snowstorm or something like that, act of nature, people band together and seek each other out to help one another.  The ONLY infection would be what is forced on us:  GREED.  It is part of our existence, how we were created, to help one another.  So I don't know the words meanings to this song, and I have not yet seen the movie, but the voices of these women give me chills up my spine.

I have faith and hope for beloved future.  I must in order to survive.

Please ALLONE Bee Welle...

SssssssssssssPock!  Fascinating.

KarmaGeddon Album - Language of Peace (Shadia Mansour)

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Published on Jul 10, 2013
From the Album titled "KarmaGeddon" released by DJ Lethal Skillz on Feb 2012. Album mixed and mastered by DJ X-Method PhonoMefodz Productions 2012 For Full album purchase you can get it through mail order or digital from When I have the guts I'll watch that...

and this was perhaps the inspiration for the above apt rebellion?
Language of Peace

Friday, January 11, 2019

3 Cease And Desist Child Family Suffering NOW ∃ π ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮

We Demand The Madness Stop, Trump and Corporations Are Not Humans(People)!!!
These people deserve a chance!  Just like your family got, you ignorant silver spooned sluts!!!
They have Already Suffered Enough, You Certain Republican Dragonian Monsters YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  Encouraging other leaders to be FASCIST FREAKS and messing with THE PEOPLES elections through HACKING no less.
Con Flicked away.
Stop the madness...baking them in the sun while they plead for mercy
JUST WAIT< EVANGELICALS>FOR ALL Y'ALL (/you say your...//your religion is what/??better than what???///) YOUR RECKONING WILL BE AT THE PEARLY GATES, you and the Upper Echelon Blue Lizard Blood Families, they know their Time Is UP NOW says the U=UNIVERSE.
The federation has had ENOUGH of this bullcr@p from us HUMANS

Here are some toothpicks for your and yours EYES, WAKE UP!!!!! You and 666 Drumfy, too rich and comfy, come down out of that burning tower and smell the coffee stop the Hellish Madness you are unleasing on the Whirl!!!  You Are Fucked Already, it's only a matter of ...
fockers families!  Hands Off Our Bodies!!!!!!!!

Tax Yourselves Get Off Our Bax and Make Sure The First Become The Last!!!!!!!
I'm gonna puke all over you all unless you do.  There, EYE seed it.

2 Hold Your Head UP ∃ π ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮

Who Gave Us The Internet, Anyway?

And why?  And what is it?  Was it a leak or was it truly on purpose so the masses could be further documented, manipulated and controlled?  That would be up to you to decide.

This essay is on the Nineteen Sixties from the perspective of a 'thick' child.  'Thick', spoken with a hand gesture that swept above the head in an arch, was how 'it' was described.  I could not face the fact of my own taking after 'Savant' my father's nick name.  I was 'thick' as well.  That was all we knew, and not facing facts directly was how we were able to try to live with ourselves.  It was always time to get to work when all we needed was rest, too much rushing around for what?  For nothing.  People just want to be, and to work as a collective toward caring goals.  Why are they forced to do just the opposite?  That in Truth is not Just.  A law of this universe is Live and Let Live.  Don't break laws and don't steal, pretty simple and good, but why are our controllers always breaking the laws they set for everyone else?

So with my imagination and through the years I choose to transform through web art that arch over my head of thickness not as the barrier to relating to others but as a symbolic rainbow of faith and love of diversity in humans.  As a link.  Some beautiful person wrote that extremely elegant piece of code for all to see.  Pretty simple code, but that is to date.  Let's go back to the sixties.

The most 'elegant' piece of code has been described as that which creates a function with the least amount of characters. 

Teenagers and college kids everywhere were acting out against the business of war.  They were also sick and tired of being told to not express their sexuality.  Confusion and violence ensued and they were only protest war and promoting peace through artisic expression of actions.  They rebelled against their own invisible shackles and the real ones that were the 'business' of slavery and it's ongoing rampaging legacy.  The poorer kids who did not get to go to college or were not young or old enough were 'drafted' which meant they were forced to go to 'the war in Viet Nam.'  My white face was a masque of shame causing me anguished abashment at the prison that was controlling this planet and attempted killing of the bodies through genocide the most Elegant of Residents.  Colors are in fact sacred, even the 'color' labeled white.  Warriors are supposed to protect people but they were forced to ruin lives, others and thier own in the process.  Humans as always work to adapt and survive.  Why were they by the amount of money their parents possessed and the colors of their skin being forced to commit acts of atrocity in the name of stealing other countries resources?  Grand theft on an inconscionable scale, in conjuction with raping Earth of her resources so viciously and totally disregarding human and plant life.  The TV and the rampage drones on.

I am simply writing what I think/feel.  Astrologically, with a sun in Gemini, the keyword is 'I Think'.  I am not trying to control what you think by writing, I am simply expressing myself in struggling to interpret life on this beloved planet that we get to live on and with, even though she is in so much pain because all she wants to do is love universally. 

Colors?  Black and white and the spectrum of more beauty that we can see or try to interpret in our minds if we can't actually see.  Light from the sun in our solar system shines on matter, reflecting the light and refracting the matter's different densities to create color.  Again, and both symbolically speaking as well as direct, Color Is Sacred and no color or lack of color is better than the other, it just fits into the bucket or category of description that we humans know through language.

I love to wax poetic, and it seems to come natural to me with Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th conjunct the ascendant, but I will try to write direct here, even though my Mercury was Retrograde when I was born.  The birth of having to be oppositional, and trying to interpret language in such a way as to relate to others.  I am speaking ironically of the Natal Chart in astrology.  I have been contemplating the naval this way, of my self, so I could then interpret others'.

Mother did not want to birth me, she was terrified of being pregnant and losing her social freedoms.  It was not fair that woman had to stay at home and do all the dishes, cleaning and caring for when she had been forced to do housework since she was a toddler.  So, before I was born I positioned myself to put each foot on either side of the womb tunnel where the light was.  They called it a Breech birth and that is true.  I was trying to help her by not being born but nature took its course and I was born in Lexington, Massachusetts because Father worked at MIT's Lincoln Lab.

Simply, and most importantly.  From what I have gratefully read of others' writings in recent years, I now believe that human beings must have a choice of whether they want to go through the tunnel and be born yet a gain into the light.

Code and sybolism is direct.  It states what it is verbally and pictorially.  Why could not people be allowed to be that way?  It does not make sense to me.  What did I want to be when I grew up?  I could not fathom.  I loved cats, but breeding them did not make sense.  I scanned all the vocations.  None of them were direct.  Business categories were not direct.  As I did not know how to speak double-speak, saying the opposite of what I  feel, then I can not relate properly in business. 

So I tried to not speak.  Speaking did not come naturally to me.  I needed the full attention of one person to look into my eyes long enough so I could speak directly to them.  Mother was worked too hard, forced to work jobs to make money AND care for home, children and the self, but if that statement is backward is it not.  Must care for the self first so can care for others.  Right.  So I did not have the art of adding to conversations.  This was not 'cool' and cause my mom great frustration, fear and disdain.  I felt bad for my existance further as a result.

I was born a week before the summer solstice in 1961.  So my interpretation of the revolutions of the sixties was from the perspective of a child.  I found the sexual revolution to be, ew.  Gross.  Yucky.  Too much to learn at too young an age.

My father was sworn by his employers to secrecy.  He had truly wanted to be an astronomer, but they would not let him because he was not connected that way.  They made him be a defence engineer instead.  He knew many spoken languages as his father had insisted his boys go to college because he wanted them to wear shoes and have enough food.  So father never told us about what he did at work to protect us but I badgered, but he never told me anything that was 'classified'.  He'd sigh, say 'no child' with patience, love and sorrow, and go to his office to write code, even though it hurt him so badly. 

Confusion and pain increased and I can only describe it as a tornado swirling above my head.  Later I would wear my hair in a pony tail on top of my head and it was nick named 'the volcano' hair style by mother.  It was funny so I laughed as well.

Only things father had done that were no longer that way.  Carrying around those secrets was painful for him but necessary to make the money to buy the Cheerios.  They were hard to swallow.  All I was allowed to know to this day causes me dismay at the names of the places he worked, which I could interpret through the symbology that is Television Programming.  Government War Contractors.  I was in terror at the vocation of war and the mayhem and destruction it was causing to innocent people in Viet Nam.  The conflict was exactly that, a con job to make money off of vicious killing, maiming and suffering on all sides.  As I grew into a nine year old girl when that decade culminated, the spectre of nuclear disaster weighed more heavily on humans.  That weight is suffocating now with Fukushima puking disaster into the Pacific ocean, killing and maiming sea life.  Why is it swept under the rug so they can continue to profit on Nuclear Power?  It is all so wrong, so destructive as to be unconscionable. 

So the theme of my existance, and why, did not make any sense to me at all.  I felt I did not deserve life.

MIT's Lincoln Labs meant we went to Kwajalein Atoll for two years to shoot dumb dummy missles up into space to see if they flew where they wanted them to go.  My beloved brother was gestated and born there and he wanted to be born so it did not almost kill my mother so she did not scream as loudly.  The nurses and doctors at Kwaj were not instructed to be as cruel as they had three and a half years earlier on the mainland.

So as an act of rebellion, I value survival.  I love our home, beloved earth.  I realise that magic is not smoke and mirrors but simply that which occurs, and cosmically so which makes sense to me as we are literally part of the cosmos.

Learning anything.  The art of observation.  Art is all that truly matters.  Humans are compelled to create.  So.  Caring and kindness is one of the finest arts.  All the other arts come after that in line of what you like best.  Pick a color.  Pick an art.  Art appreciation is also an art.  So is, even, learning anything.


Art.  Appreciation or otherwize.  On your own or infused through business or the art of working, even any old job.  Be yourself and try to smile through the pain.  Try to have fun.  That is also how I was raised.

Care for yourself first so you may care for others.  I have tried to stay to myself and be quiet because I was raised to mean-mouth-back in defense.  As an act of caring toward others, I present this essay from the perspective of someone 'gifted' with autism spectrum. 

We are all gifted with life.  It's what we do with it.  It is be a choice, to live, not a compulsion.  I choose to life and struggle to find beauty in life.  My own way to rebell?

That is a gross generalization and I was later also through learning to behave better than that, to 'better' myself so I can behave kindly toward others.  To love music, and art through colors, even on the Spiderz Web that can describe the internet.  It is sometimes difficult to practice the Art of Kindness in our society but it need not be that way just look to the Art of Caring in Business, and another acts of rebellion.

Who am I?  Just another jerk.  However, I beg to differ and oppose that notion.

Corporations are not people.  We all are people.  It is only Just to let us love bees.

1 Spell of Universal Love ∃ π ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮

This Spell Is LOVED To The Universe and Instant Karma BACK:  It Is Now Realised.  To The Richest Few Families here on Planet Earth (RFF) and ALL Caring Intent Meant People on Planet Earth Know Too Well What And Who You Are: I ask you RFF with clarity direct:  RFF, You Know Who You Are.  RFF, you are ordered immediately to cease and desist = transform your malevolence toward humans into benevolence and caring or You Must Cease To Exist This INSTANT.  RFF, Stop
YOUR Perpetration Through Eons Madness Now.  RFF, why have you created the Universal Crime of the spectrum of poverty?  Every single child on this planet deserves clean water, air, earth, land and protection to rest in peace; The means to collaborate for food=survival so time for balanced and fair WORK, SLEEP, REST ampersand RELAXATION; Survival=Thrival.  Those whose ancestral heritage have served to your benefit at their own sacrifice MUST NOW survive MUST NOW BE at PEACE MUST BE allowed to thrive as well.  That includes this beloved Planet Earth.  Poverty is RFF YOUR war on the poor rooted in only YOU FEW being Stricken With Evil Parasitic Greed.  You need help.  So give some of it back to 'humanity', to The People of the World, all of them, not just what you perceive as your favorites or your blood.  It Is Now Realised.  Poverty has done all the work for you by force and it Must Stop, RFF period.  The most poor aren't even given opportunities for decent vocation.  This=That=NaughtJust=Naught=Fair.  NOW Repair this travesty of the eons your bloodline has perpetrated through wrath and malevolence toward people and going foward the Universe May Forgive, it it all up to you, RFF.  It Is Now Realised.  With Rage transformed to Love So Be It And So It Is.  Colonialism is so the Kali Yuga and we are now in the New YUGA the RESET is NOW So Be It And So It Is.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Impeach Trump Now !

Ready? Set, Go!!!
Ti- Knock TI THE LIARS off it's LAIR and hurry coming UP - it's timez UP!!!!!!! ~

We Can Get Prowd Of Government Once Again (pockets)
SO called Betsy Ross
variant with LOVE (even it if HURT)
sea credit: "By DevinCookCreated by jacobolus
using Adobe Illustrator, and released
into the public domain.
- I created this image using historical
descriptions (commonly known).
Inkscape was used to create the SVG.,
Public Domain, "

Ready? Set, Go!!!
Ti- Knock TI the LIARS off it's LAIR and hurry coming UP - it's timez UP!!!!!!! ~ 

' > > < '
//...break it down...//
Special Message to The Grimace & Co. your times are UP 2 U now

the bitter/better ends...
equals a better/even if bitter beginnings...

shut the front door to these monsters...pulleeze
drop the mic now, pandora, ok, adaline:

Quoting JC...

Constitutional requirements demands Trump be IMPEACHED.
Trump should already be IMPEACHED !! Pelosi needs to start it or get out of the way.
Top Reasons:
  1. Violations of foreign emollients clause
  2. Obstruction of Justice
  3. Abuse of power to pardon
  4. Telling his DOJ to go after political opponents (like myself)
  5. Found by his DOJ guilty of conspiracy directing hush money payments to cover up in an election violating Federal campaign finance laws
  6. Engaging in Cruel and Unconstitutional imprisonment of children at our southern border violating their 8th amendment rights and others
No need to wait for Mueller's results... though it would likely give even more reasons to Impeach him. Like Treason against the government and more counts of obstruction.
Over whelming evidence of abuse of power and the people's trust.

all the reasons to not impeach “yet” are BS self serving Democrats and Republicans holding up impeachment means they should be looked in to also for NOT DOING THEIR Constitutional Duty

Why would anyone want to allow this lawless acting president more time to run the nation into the ground? Collapsing the economy and causing chaos, bringing U.S. down to 3rd world dictator status. A process begun by the Clinton's administration with NAFTA. Back then I was warning everyone of what NAFTA was and what it's result would be. Trump has upped the game.

The clock can be turned back if our elected reps have the guts and get up off their fat cat asses... show they care about the people, this country, our Constitution AND the Bill of Rights or get the fuck out of office and make room for the AOC's.

period.and down goes the Junior up for malpractice scrutiny...Yessssssssssssssssssssssss 'smithers slithers'...

...dedicated to the tunes of World Music, while Rebellution Courage to Grow plays...

and Aesop's fabled tea leaves...

and getting down with the real LONG Yuga 'PASS 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Obsidian One Species

(//;:plz:;//)keep.that Trippin=Up, Woman

Check The Lioness Out here:

The Lioness - "Dreamer" [HD]

16,124 views (these specs are At This Time...)
280 17 Share (snapshot...specs)

Published on Aug 22, 2014
The Lioness - "Dreamer"

Inspiration can be both
hard one (won) and 'Free'...

The Lioness

On Obsidian and We Are One Species

Love This Artist

hope she does.w.elle`... she'll be back, believe it.  she's just busy taking care...

Sheez,,, so co//blue//ol. The Lioness, iz the first Rhymesayer woman to appear here now.

 &  U can put an ampersand in the HTML code but everytime U edit back and forth from Compost' to HTML it reverts back to...the partial code spwelling, ...unless blogspot fixed the them old cozmic bluez again...  or unless:   & never mind.

jeez, breathe...ok.

Colors spilling out in black and white and all in between.  Here's another Beautiful Artistree in due process of obsessive much as humanly possible snapshots:  Strong Voice.  Smart, good working, bootstraps.  That's an 'Elegant' snippettte of code, shop talk meaning a piece of code that does a lot of stuff without too much writing, can edit but not free-write code too well...not like dad did that's for sure had the mind for that.

Concise.  Right to the point at hand.  Relatable.  

Even for a white Chrone who decided stubborn and stupid young even to the beloved RIGHT2 screaming/scars she was not truly meant to bear children despite and cause of the DNA strain.  There is no telling, knot noing, A-yeahah...This first born aza pup waz a breech, almost killed her poor Mah, the hospitals were told to be mean back in those old days too, ah,  And that was the beginning...

Yes, the Children, the kiddies, they come first.  Our urge to create, procreate, our love and faith, humaniwomanity's next generation pick up where we leave off and both historically and meant to be so much brighter.  Step away from the electronics for a bit, kiddies.  Daydream, it's good for you to process (learn what you learned that day...)  Eye can not speak to the anguish that parents feel, it is not meye wright at this time .  Typoz Intentional.

The Lioness - Chosen Ones

177 3 Share

Published on Oct 26, 2017

The Lioness ...
over and over again, dig, kiddies?  study good Artistree over and over again to get it in you.  ok, still learning on these here her songs but plz Bear with...//something like = ∃// and // in web development, the text between these two forward slashes = code that does not appear on the web page: called 'comments', only seez I got it here on the front of the 'web' page...   (so...) and on blogspot you have to spwelle out Ampersand because if you type one on the 'front' web page, it translates to this & //

The Lioness ...
Here's the tangential thinking that they say is such a no-no.  Oppose that. Or at least Question Absolutely Everything.  Behind doublespeak (those are quadurpling it of late).  Or letz just say look at One Word.  ok, pick a word, write it down or think it.  How many meanings does that word have...
spiritually, and the Freedom of Thought within which we ALL possess, every last individual has that power, more than 8 billion so far?  amazing... One Species.  That's the title.  Oh, add it to Obsidian.  
Look up the not to self, properties of Obsidian...the best crystal text.b yet...
Sea, free-flow writing or righting or whatever they wanna call stuff...
'They' labeled me with Oppositional Disorder.  Maybe, 15 years before you decided to B born?...trying That, to this day to shake //sh@t//.off:
'Don't talk to yourself.'
'k. insert badgering blablabla here
'Ok.  It's ok to talk to yourself if you don't answer back.'
Ok.  Then if I talk to myself it's ok, unless I don't answer back.  Then, I immediately developed the art, no syndrome, of oppositionally Talking Back to myself, just to spite the...system.  Who was I hurting?  Those around me, and that is unacceptable.  Despite how it was fun.  But, that too is unacceptable behavior in public and it scares folks too... I was not cool, so I struggled to not spite my own face, to learn to control it, only in the shower while pretending to sing...  ;)  just a little ditty.  Why self-caring is So Important, so you can care for Others more better.

∃ π ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ 🔥🔥🔥 ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ π ∃ 🦉 🦆
13 hours ago
 ooooooo ~
So yup and herez a poem for you, Lioness that I found today, looking for stuff to cut out of mags to send to 'memah

//everything is steeped in signifi.can.sea, and symbolizm//

//and insert lioness poem here, image with thext and://

whoeverz wrote this healer into the mag is a Genius, you may wanna sit forced and braced yourselves first:

 lost me specs again...hold on...insert image here placeholder here, oh, here it is.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Grrrrrrrrr.....YES, Protection for All Good, Now, Yesterday!!!!
gotta love the seasons, the gardens give you a break from hands demands in winter... 

Infinite Gratitude and (c)redit goes to: 
4 Legs and a Tail (magazine) |
Winter 2019
The Just Lions
It turns out that even a //'//ruthless predator//'// like a lion can show empathy toward other animals or even people.
In Ethiopia, a group of men kidnapped a 12-year-old Girl in order to marry her forcibly to a member of their community.  A week later, the girl was found in the jungle under The Protection of Three Lions.  It turned out that when the Lions saw 'the men beating the Girl', they kicked away the intruders and guarded her.  When the police found the little Girl, the Lions retreated.  However, they went back to the jungle only when the Girl safely returned home. 
In her testimony, She said that Lions protected her until the police came.

Grrrrrrrrr.....YES, Protection for All Good, Now, Yesterday!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Just Gratitude, Period.  Don't drink those Monster Drinks, look at the Ingredients!  And the Isreali Glyphs on the Logo, YIKES and Gee Willachers.

And, Haven't We Suffered Enough?  What Does Your Audience Think?

Kind of thing.  This prose in motion is dedicate this ^^^ to the Archetype of what this artist, U, present us with:  

The Lioness
"Try to be a rainbow to someone's cloud"
~ the beloved Eldress, Maya Angelou
read before
and hat tip to the beloved Post Office

insert phoenix rising image here...or some astrology in progress...bird day? Aquarius rising may be...wherez that damned box of crayolaz again?...oh, yeah, it's getting old and dusty...gone, like the old easier to use Photoshop? program that used to operate on the old' tower, but naught  And the specs?  Spectacles.  Old myass.  Our access to the internet has only been around since when...the late 80z dinosaur tetris, etc., mario bros, etc., then what...the 90s...? [something]like that .  ???  mhmmm.  The GRID???  = meditate on that one for a spwelle, hurry granny, drop the mic here - but know!  It's all good.  YIKES?  Nahhhhhhhh...?  Yup.

oNE, One, won... One Species we are.................................... obsidian. (Symbols Symba Simba?  PROTECTION ALL AROUND U AND YERZ)   'Say that, then.'  (hat tip to Brother Elegance...) oh, and one more thing?  Um.  I forget...dang.  Hanging participle.  later...oh, end is yet more annoying freeflow writing, like water, that helped me

properties we go and with this post eye thee protection spwelle further, and change MzD's title up even a little, Feline Power!  In Honor of The Lioness Rock On!  Or in The Lioness' case, RAP/HIP HOP ON! or whatever genre she so chooses forthwith and feathers   //women coming U...P   U=universe. uni. verse. universal not to be confused the studio, too many bright lights, careful of that pleaz dear...Granny Galaxy is shutting up real good sometimez...pulleze, shut UP granny, ok, here weye go...//

Do Not Fear Us, We Are Woman Strong And Meant 2 Protecreate Fiercely

Sea, I get to youz zed the 'Z' cause it's contained in the given, 'Liza'.  (There I coughed dot furball up a bit. 2 'speak')  and if eye wanna2, eye can 'befriend' U Knee Versal here this way in my mind/heart/soul/incarnation oh, I mean 'imagination' if 0 wantz to...despite what any may have sed one day...maybe...sort of?  anywho. Pardon me.  Need more rest.

It's the burgers and pints and OZ.  I am terrified that the screws will be put around if the likes of mee celebrate that old man, and it will go down, and I would be responsible...that would break my heart beyond all repair, Monstrous, and Eye Will It Naught To Happen Ever and Ever Forever.   

Viva la Diversity & Health!
Thanx Murray McMurray HatcheryGorgeous Cat.alog

Hens, beloved, can be Fierce, don't be foole d
image thanx you beloved Murray McMurray Hatchery
Gorgeous Catalog and these two last photos
Phew!  Just breathe...get some more rest...There, I said it.  Thanx.  Manx.  Prrrrowl.  We hunt gather water and nurter, you can too, it's all goodly, Favorite DNA strain of species.  Need to hear more Women's Voices, lately...just look at what the Cosmos has been telling us in the last decade or so...and beyond...whoa, it's all goode... 

On Twin Glass Houses

Insert image of upside down flag here.  Look up the Latin meaning of Government.  It's two words, Govern (control) ment (mind, en mass) something like that.

Key in A 432 Hz tuning fork...

Edit, edit, edit, ah, the joy of expression through the Gemininian gift of writing through hands that still work despite the work, and were not cut off this go round.  Me contemplating my own naval?  A nasty story, eh, mine, oh, keep on profiteering and enjoy?  Go for it as usual.  Now the horrific uncut original draft of this post lays in some truly creepy greed-controlled NSA vampire lair along with all the data from every last human being on earth that can even afford access to the internet, as a tiny byte amongst the finite cancer that keeps growing.  Stop that madness.

'We' happy now, SNL with your sweet little 'hernia girl; cameo?  Much of the corporate media has always stolen only one side of the picture.  Egging me on, with the egg on my face to spill the beans on my side of the story.  No.  I don't wanna tell the whole story because I don't wanna hurt anybody, especially my ex-hubby #1.  So, I just let them carry on, think what they like, a circus wheel of taking inspiration from every last human being on earth and freely profiting on it.  What Abbie called with dread 'Selling out'.  There was your dirty laundry for you to puke on.  They ganged up and had a blast, all these years.  'Gangstalking' with their deadly Rx T-Rex and remote control joysticks, which is punishment for the Infame, Illuminati-style.  The very word, 'Illuminati' is double-speak in and of itself.  They are not 'illumed.'  Illumination does not equal wealth, just the opposite.  'Enjoy' your wealth.  It was a god damned battery, for power for only the Pharaohs, the elite.  More greed.  More for us less for them making the partially clued-in audience laugh while the dollars roll in, and while Fukushima pukes into the ocean in its ongoing rampage.  That's all on yuga.
looks like they ripped off the What The Fuck channel, tore it
down along with too many other truthers
Fukushima puking Nuclear Death into the Pacific
all still swept under the rug like it's yet
more normalcy when truly it's the
ongoing rampage against all life
struggling to coexist and so badly so far too
this yuga, on this planet
mentality through the use of enslaving the masses so a few can be put on pedestals.

Keep on laughing about the insanity, clapping away,yes, laughter does help, it's true, and I do love shows like Last Week with Jon Oliver, and the former Craig Ferguson Johnny Carson knock-off used to make me laugh my ass off as well.  Gotta gnash, gnash gnash grit your teeth and grimace through the pain sometimes, comic relief.

True, the true and most important story of this eon is not about me at all, I am yet one more human of the 8 to 9 billion that they tell us still exist at this time, which are mostly pawns in an ugly game of the ongoing war on life on the planet in the name of PROFITEERING and GREED.But my hands are tied once again.  Never able to truly achieve independence.  It isn't in the cards, perhaps for this 8 or 9 billionth of the population.  How about all of our minds?  I get to differ.

Enter Big Picture with much much more importance to at least know the concept of,

The Kali Yuga
(inspiration for these resources come from the web)

Hinduism's 4 Yugas, or Ages
Hunduism's Staggering Time Scale
something like...
by Subhamoy Das
Updated November 04, 2018
Das, Subhamoy. "Hinduism's 4 Yugas, or Ages." ThoughtCo, Nov. 4, 2018,

In addition to massive waves of time that are difficult for us humans to grasp the concepts of I believe there are countless different types of time and other waves going up and down at different wavelengths, tons, millions.  I could be totally wrong, but this is what I choose to believe.

Oh, no.  All kinds of artificial waves too, now wireless connectivity is evil 5G in the mix...for goodness sake what is REALLY going on.  Bee careful busy beeZ!!!  Hang In There!

We HUMANS ADAPT!! Despite ANY Smoke & Mirrorz

Too many rabbit holes with Liza.twolittle thyme...specially in the warmer climbs, where's that shop vac again, oh, and the specs...and hey I needed to catch up on sleep...part of the PROCESS of healing

Honorable mention goes to:

The end of the Kali Yuga in 2025: Unraveling the mysteries of the Yuga Cycle
Bibhu Dev Misra | See:
Published 15th July 2012 -

General News 1/6/2019 at 06:28:34  
5 Million Women in Kerala, India, Joined in Peaceful Protest
Quicklink Submitted By Meryl Ann Butler

c/o consciousness
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Are We Living in the Kali Yuga?
By Jacob Devaney on Tuesday November 1st, 2016
Ancient Wisdom on the Cycle of Time
You Can Attribute The Author *
By Richard B. Godfrey (1728 - N/A) - initially uploaded to by en:User:Redtigerxyz, LACMA [1], Public Domain,

zzzzzzzzzzzzz Baker's Dozen
C-SPAN Congressional Chronic.le

Remarks, Testimony, Speeches, and Briefings by Department of State Officials

zzzzzzzzzzzzz Baker's Dozen
yeah, and eyell keep on passing, on anything LIKE Alexa...cellular, wireless, not even Roombah if can you help it...or~

Just Be Aware And Take Care...

Think of that rudely ever presence back end of your own Tee.Vee, if you have ONE that ALL times please.  Thank you Edward Snowden & archetypes...

Behave??  You better believe it.

Some of them are too big for puny minds.  That's right, that is what that portion of the skit reminds me of, as numb and humbly as humanly possible Snidely stone cold sober.
And I was worried about the Mah getting jumped when she was Almost Always Alone, can you blame that?!
The past.  And a Circus Wheel Ride with a Bad Clown of my own.   Oh, I forgot, I don't now remember nothing...EXCEPT HOW TO TRY TO PROTECT OTHER'Z CHILDREN...
love y'all, it's all good, no worries 

Kali, see above* for wikipedia credits
check out the guitar! sheild

Friday, January 4, 2019

∃ Kyanite Ampersand Lavender
Radiation Knows No Borders
Fairwinds Fish Logo
Including notes.  Ongoing Draft.

Something Like Kyanite Lavender

Something Like Kyanite Ampersand Lavender

But Not This:

Insert PoetryPix0 Rainbow Here

May I insert a prayer here please?  food for thought.

Pix0 = ZO to the Pi

Auntie Matters Mad Hatter

'I just had too let it goe' - John Lennon

More and more, when I go outside it feels 'artificial'.  Under environmental attack, the very air.  The drone flew over first, make to look like an airliner, Odd, Surreal.  It 'announced the ?manned? smallplane that flies over several times a day if it is bored, or just got coffee and gotta go cr@p soon...makework.  Anywho.

Turnbuckle: I finally came up with that word been looking for to describe it.  Artificial., like the Moon, spinning, Spinning..

Our planet is under us, right under our feet, suffering the constant agonizing rape of this rampage of becoming so over-terraformed, the atmosphere engineered and the oceans nuclearized, at this point it is heart-wrenching for that third eye to be open.  Think the latest Fascist Regime that the People Did Not Vote For.  Oh, which Con-tree, now?

It was certainly not always like this throughout history, don't kid yourself.  What history we know is not All of it.  Unknown history, now that piques the imagination, doesn't it?

Every cut through Earth with the dozers, making more roads, more, more, more, building, building, building, when carelessly and without thought of its footprint, other than Service-to-Self.  The Waste Stream.  Infrastructure built, based in military intention, then is allowed to be used (en$laved by) the most, for that Grind.  The Grid Grind.  Electricity.  Work, work, work, just to pay, pay, pay and it's never enough, like a cancer that needs to be healed.  The Wheel.  The Ouroborous. 

Work must be a Panacea.  A contribution to the Collective.  Not with shackles on of the mind/body/spirit/soul.  Perpetrated upon Humanwomanity.  You can Spin Ugly or Spin Beauty, and that is not Skin related, it is from Within.

Norway Phoenix Rising
Solar wind is blowing around Earth faster than 600 km/s.
Last night, the onrushing gas sparked auroras over Norway
in the shape of a Phoenix. 

"The aurora show over Senja, Norway, on Nov. 11th was
nothing short of magical," reports photographer Adrien Mauduit.
"During one outburst of lights, this image appeared.
Huge colorful pillars took the shape of a fiery bird."
According to mythology, the Phoenix dies in an outburst of
colorful flame, then rises again. Indeed, the bird could return
to the Arctic Circle on Nov. 12th as the solar wind continues
to blow. Stay tuned. Visit  Free: Aurora Alerts.
Auntie Matters Mad Hatter

on Compulsive Writing...and...

Archetype of the Black Hole, and the True Potential of the Utopia Humans Crave

I have no claims to be a true scholar, what I believe is mostly intuititve.  So if you need cold hard facts, run in the other direction.  Run, and keep running.

I know deep in my skeleton that I am not alone.  Like minds are hidden everywhere, behind construction hats, ties, pant suits and purses, behind every 'role' that is played on earth to make the dough to make the bread, to make a living.  What a crazy expression, Make A Living.  Think about what that means for a bit.  Is it not too often Double-Speak?

Feel I have always known too much, from before birth.  I never gave myself a chance.  Knew what 'they' had in mind.  Hurts. ('smarts')
Have all this writing swirling around like a tornado above my head.  It has haunted me for as long back as memory will allow.  There have been times that I successfully blocked it out, separating myself from my soul, but there is always payback for suppression.

Over time learning more about how people (that are?) 'gifted' with autism spectrum and am understanding more about my father ('Savant') and me ('Stubborn and Stupid' - more like Oppositional) who had 'spectrum' and now my nephew has developed and is continuing to develop the rampage of profound autism.   My nephew needs a strict detox in diet and lifestyle, but to my infinite agony, he is fed blue drinks, dragged back and forth to the Philippines without thought to the detriment of his health with the too many Required Vaccines.  That poor child.  He does not speak, to my knowledge.  I love this kid.  He is my blood.  Trapped in a body that does not cooperate with his intention, nor his own soul, thus... And this is happening too often, escalating exponentially just like the Grid.  HOWEVER< MY NEPHEW IS LOVED VERY MUCH.  This is the Key to the Songs in the Key of...Life.  Yes, Stevie, you are a Wonder.

Photo ripped off Facebook
only thing Drumpf has done is
eliminate Hit.Liar.eeesh
any all spawn
from the bully pulpits you're on
HEY Drumpf and CO, you have sullied the Twit
with your Cowardice
and ignorance for all the Twittererz
and then some
to View!
in prostate Posterity too
Having spectrum, 'the gift of; autism is like being trapped in a body that does not know how to communicate with others properly.  A dismay with The Big Lie.  A disdain for double-speak.  Say what you really mean, in other words.  Feel what you really feel.  See what you really see.  Then say that.  Let that third eye shine, and be real, as painful as that is in this society of Service-to-Self.  Colonialism and Control.  Eat or be eaten?  So ugly, but it's what is, out there, and either pay for your potato chips or get none.  And so on.  How does that make Humanwomanity feel?  I would say it makes us feel like shit.

No need for humans to act like animals.  Animals are acting like us, you see.  We all stand on the Earth with our feet, and then we are all electrically connected.  The connection is not just in our minds or hearts, it is also in Matter.  And so, it is also in Anti-Matter.

Auntie Matter.  Mad Hatter.

If for example the Kali Yuga that really smart scholars and researchers and mystics focus on is real, and if the internet rumors of it that point to 2029 are also real, which I sincerely question but love the idea of, than we are now in the reset.  We have been for years now. 2012.  Click, click.  Tic-toc. 

The Re-Set is Cosmic, not in our control. Many of the wize ones, the Indigenous Cultures have this knowledge deep in thier DNA, their very cellular structure contains the keys to unlocking the knowledge of human origins.  DNA is not locked in matter, it is also locked in anti-matter, as a matter of course.  DNA is also SPIRITUAL and Cannot Be Destroyed, no matter how hard evil may try.

It may appear that Humanwomanity is being destroyed by Big Business and Corporate and Government Control, but it is a myth, that they dream up to fulfill it's own prophesy. 

'When are we gonna get these Billionaires to do our Bidding.'  No?  Know?  As brilliant as that lic is in Aesop Rock's song..where is that now, oh, the specs, the crayolaz, hold on please...

Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken - Corn Maze (Official Video)


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Published on Dec 18, 2018

That plays into their game?  You can't fight fire with fire, that is silly?  It does not work?  It only works in desperation.  It need not continue.

The madness could stop at any instant.  The keys reside in the Collective Mind.  Not the Hive Mind, the Collective Spirit.  We don't have to be all alike to achieve this, the more diversity the better.

It's up to us ALL.

True history, not the crap we find too often in Text books.  No matter how they try to Genocide the truth, it is always there, the knowledge can not be destroyed no matter now they may continue to try through evil and destructive means.  What 'They' can do is create fear through terror, which is basically Slipping Humanwomanity as a Whole The Mickey.  Messing us all up with bad emotion in a LAME ATTEMPT to subjugate and supress the collective mind, and with all the pain is all the joy, for example the idea of All The Beauty In This Whole Life.  (please allow this stream of thought)  Oppression, there is no better word to describe what has happened to Humanwomanity for as far back as we are ordinarily (ordinary, the mundane) allowed to remember.  Only the Brave may search further for true meaning in life, and I truly believe that Humaniwomanity struggles to do that through creation.


So my point is, what is a black hole?  Intuitively, poetically.  A Black Hole is Granny Galaxy's way of vaccuming up.  Infinity?  Perhaps.  No? Nature's Vacuum.  So where does the dirt go?  It must go somewhere?  Or does it truly transform into Anti-Matter?  What is anti-matter anyway?  Anti matter could be nothingness.  But if my soul flies into the black hole, it is transformed, not eliminated.  So I beg to differ.

Could we not tap into the technology that would allow us to eliminate Nukes?  Yes, all is possible.  All Is Possible.  We could eliminate Nukes.  Yup.  Humaniwomanity could Most Certainly eliminate Nukes if it as One, All decided to do so.  Certainly, the Potential for that Does Exist So It Does Matter.

Here, have some H20, Kyanite and Lavender.  I gotta go now and clean something so I can study more MUSIC (not just listen to).  To the tunes of Beethoven, who started out with hearing problems, but had the music in him by the time he continued to lose his hearing.  Once the music is in you it never lets you go. And if the hearing is gone, you can still feel it ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

AbstractRude TheSolution Slug BrotherAli

Abstract Rude - The Solution feat. Slug & Brother Ali (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Keep The Feel Entertainment
Published on Sep 25, 2015

Inspiration is like a breath of air...

music Muse


2019 x 19 + 20
If I should have died before Awake
end eye prayed this ditty in my wake
little (8) snakie
Save all goode peoples, peeps
and harm no one as and
so they can be goode as well
protect ALL, including any shakey
Kids are sacred
and so should all life on this planet be treated in kind
I do/will/should/can care more about the generations after ours, to come.
I wanna be a part of the solution, another drop of blessed water in the oceans
Because our DNA strain caused the infants to be too rough led to have bred none of my own, stopped this mean mouth in it's tracks this only way I knew how...
The next generations had to hear from us (olders) as examples (of artists)
I sea
get it
Thank ALL ONE for this gift of music, really clicking in now, going forward. 
//100 spry and cast Do dye=colors// 
//100 spry and cast Do dye=colors//  
//100 spry and cast Do dye=colors// 
//100 spry and cast Do dye=colors// 
//100 spry and cast Do dye=colors// 
//100 spry and cast Do dye=colors// 
//100 spry and cast Do dye=colors//      
∃ π ~ ♬ ♪ ♥ ∞ ☮ ★ ☄ 🔥🔥🔥 ☄ ★ ☮ ∞ ♥ ♪ ♬ ~ π ∃ 🦉 🦆