Peace - Nothing Else Makes Sense & Justice - Nothing Else Matters

Peace - Nothing Else Makes Sense & Justice - Nothing Else Matters
NO and NO.KNOW.NO! NUKES PLEASE: Drawing light on the Beauty of Diversity ~ Taking every last and first thing literally figurativelly through the eyes of MzDiagnosed Autism Spectrum erroneously viciously forced that 70s style to take the Deadly Rx T-Rex thus given the Manic Depressive Bipolar it's a syndrome folks no joke. Seaing everything personally symbolically synchronicitealeafly...and No More Freaking Frack Freaks!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2020


We're gonna need 'em

Begging the Universe for Peace here on Earth
peace must never be in dearth

in Winter where the Black Bear sleeps
crystal snowflakes dress mountain peaks
chick-a-dees sing-song in the hills
do what you can to fight off chills

I dreamt we were swimming
on the backs of whales, two baby whales,
and we had kids with us. 
The whales backs had ridges down them
to hang on to. 
We rode them like horses through the
ocean waters.

ears wake up ringing in a new decade
running away from the throng parade
hearts throb with the sound of the dearth
Peace must become The Goal of All on Earth 

peace bears
Rock from my pocket held in my hand
lithotherapy on a lithosphere land 
heliobiology mostly predicts our weather
not a suit that reads from their tether 

was praying on respectful loving agrarian
but why does the rooster insist 
on violence toward the hen
and especially his brothers?
they feel what goes on globally through their feet and feather

it comes through the ground - then I heard a sound...
there perched up on the coop roof
a shape~shifter of sorts - a Griffin - with not a tooth
but a beak and with a mic, so to it we listened
a purple glint in its eye glistened 

She rapped out a tune
thumb flicked me a rune
a stone rune whose symbol was Algiz
hit me on the nose, freaked me out I froze
and then let out a loud sneeze

That Griffin cried out for Peace
on Earth and for happiness among hu-wo-men
she screamed out her passion for harmony
and her miracles became more than a dream

I dreamt Linda was driving us somewhere.  She was driving up a huge bridge in the breakdown lane, in reverse, going way too fast.  (I have this irrational fear of driving over large bridges, esp. ones that go up and down, my lips and hands get numb, I think my mom and grandmom had that fear too)  J was in the passenger seat front, and I was in the back seat and didn't want to but I did cringed and turned my head to look where we were going, and at the top of the hill on this huge bridge, saw an accident where a box truck fell over and off the bridge in the accident lane that we were speeding up on.  When we got to the scene Linda stopped and we got out, and I picked up a toddler laying on his back on the highway.  He was blond and blue-eyed and I held him, asking him who his father was.  He paused for a bit and said 'Shay'.  (I thought, that isn't even a name.)  We got back into Linda's car and drove the rest of the way down off the bridge.  At the bottom of the bridge we turned right off at a restaurant where a security cop was standing in the parking lot, supervising a gathering of some kind.  We told him to report the accident and help us get help for the baby child.  We stood around, me holding this child, and waited.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Ode to Getting Snowed

and being buffalo'd

in my old age
like an old adage
personal struggles be monkey wrenched
compared to what we're up against

expecting life to have meaning
to mean something besides cleaning
or paying bills while they turn the screws
trying to translate some truth from the news

never expected life to be bent
on insanity world government
mind control at its 'best'
tv programming test

meaningless sh*t to throw
into the round file - throne
as nuclear power plant waste piles up
and Fukushima pukes into our ocean

as a youth i expected truth
from elders and those in charge
now as an old lady, see most business just shady
insanity prevailing At Large

respect and love and for the planet is all
that matters for here and forever
wakey-wakey, what's left for the kids?
all we can say is we try and we did

where joy is an act of rebellion
for too lucky few
peace is more than a song,
the only thing not all wrong

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturn conjunct Pluto 2020 Vision the Great Awakening Gets Real by Kit Walker

Infinite Genius
revelation of the obvious
Saturn conjunct Pluto: 2020 Vision: the Great Awakening Gets Real
October 12, 2019
by Kit Walker

Wow.  "What you resist, persists."  - Kit Walker  I am profoundly moved.  Crave this kind of reading.  Spiritual brain, truther and scholar, musician and ... astrologer.  You have an amazing mind and kind heart, Mr. Walker.

Kit's post deserves to be re-read, and shared, even if one is not into astrology.  Next year indeed has this profound astrological, hundreds-years event with Saturn conjunct Pluto becoming exact, or 'culminating'.  Yes humanity needs aught 20/20 vision as painful as it is the only way we can begin to get beyond this insanity, this 'toxic overlay.'  Nice distinction.  Grateful Kit shares with us hope!

Through such a 're-birth' could finally come relinquishment of the hold on us. 

Ellis Taylor,
Ellis Taylor also writes an excellent blog.  He recommended this video, youtuber Osher Astro Finance who shared more on next year's astrology and here are highlights:

January 13th :  Pluto * Saturn 22 ~ Capricorn
March 22nd  :  Saturn ~ Aquarius
March 29th   :  Nov 11th : Jupiter * Pluto  ~ Capricorn
May 5th        :  North node ~ Gemini
Dec 17th       :  Saturn ~ reenter Capricorn

Agreed 20/20 is going to be a pivotal year. 

Folks my age get to have a real 'special' second Saturn return this year which (for me) culminates in March, a few months after this Saturn/Pluto conjunction.  (? yikes :)  Thankfully Saturn will be going into Aquarius soon after.  Ah, life in chaos but on the cusp of the age of...Aquarius...

Just before reading Kit's post, found the story of MK Ultra survivor Cisco Wheeler referenced through  Yet another example of the wrought unconscionable that people should never have to suffer.  In the last decade came to suspect I may be another MK Ultra victim (learning about it was a trigger) but realise now that what I went through was extremely mild compared to that.  Thankful for once for my genetics.  May they have blessings and relief.  My sanity was attacked in the guise of 'help' from a young age by the system that ganged up.   But with luck and fortitude, and for the love of my excellent friend J, still alive and kicking.  Recluse as always yes, and grateful to still be alive, it's all good.

Reluctant but compelled to add agreement with many that as things are positioned by said evil para$ite$ (powers that be) so precarious at this point, the U.S. and the world is likely to see some drastic and quite possibly ugly changes very soon.  Too many of the unawake and at least mentally unprepared survivors will likely be in absolute panic in the chaos.  Will 'zombies' of sorts (obnoxious term) suddenly displaced and roaming the streets desperate thieve the simplest of resources?   Hopefully most of us will rise and wise up, look after ourselves and each other how we do after natural disasters.  

Good must ultimately come from a societal purge ...

David Mauriello, paleoentologist and Diamond (in the rough) 'BOOM!' 'just a dab will do ya' with Oppenheimer Ranch Project shares his esteemed research with.  Smart and funny:

milky way, with galactic center, nasa
There are these overarching cosmic possibilities in play, such as a pole shift (CIA suppressed) which we are in the beginnings of.  Suspicious0bserver youtube channel has some excellent videos on this.  (Struggle to wrap my head around his work - mainly just get the gist.)  Our sun's cycles has much to do with (any past, and) this imminent pole shift.  Here a link on this blog to a video of theirs (scientist Ben Davidson)  Another excellent video:  COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified 

Magnetic Reversal | Accelerations and Timing, Dec 19, 2019, Suspicious0bservers

There is also in my humble opinion the very real possibility of our binary sun and it's planetary system coming to visit us again through it's thousands-years shared orbit with Earth's sun.  (Nibiru, aka Nemesis, Wormwood, Hercolubus)  (yet more knowledge suppression)   A sillier post on Nibiru on my other blog,  My online profiles are both Pandora here, and Adaline there, even Vermont somewhere else, and yes that is me commenting at the end of the post.  Yeah, it's a bad habit, commenting on my own blogs, and comes from testing websites back in the day.  But it's fun.  Living reclusive is innate, choice, compulsion, but is not conducive to having lots of viewers, nor do I promote my blogs much, as half the time I get embarrassed of my writing to be frank, it's very Gemini, keyword 'I think'.  Stigma?  Oh, yeah, and that illness.  I understand. 
The Great Year, May 4, 2016, BinaryResearchInst,

Humanity has a lot going on!
Ironic the Sabian Symbol for 23' Capricorn is about war, dual awards for.  (we go to the next degree for the Sabians) reference courtesy The Straight Woo

KEYNOTE: The reward offered by society for the fulfillment of individual responsibility.

The fact that “two” awards are emphasized makes us believe that this may refer subtly to the recognition by the community that, whether he succeeded or failed, an individual who discharged his duty nobly under unusual circumstances is entitled to the respect and appreciation of the collectivity he served so well. What is implied here is a constant give-and-take between society and the individual person. Each one should be able to trust the other.

This third symbol of the fifty-ninth five-fold sequence extracts, as it were, a common element from the two preceding scenes. The Keyword here is RECOMPENSE, i.e. a compensation for a well-done performance — a balancing of accounts.

The Sabian Symbols are kind of fun and artwork associated with them can be beautiful, despite how sometimes offensively out-dated they are, the two awards can be seen as symbolic of the two planets, Saturn and Pluto?   The number 23 has it's own meanings

< Mad In America
[{(Yet another psychiatric survivor here battling lifelong anxiety and mental health issues sometimes exacerbated with at first not, then knowing and seeking out more on how dire humanity's situation truly is even beyond the mainstream news lies.  

Having recently found at least a (surprising) layer of relief from that relentless anxiety, am back to finding gratitude, joy in the simplest of things and feeling less fear of the possible ramifications of a coming collapse of this era of humanity.)}]  

May today's Winter Solstice bless us all, and here's cheers wishing huwomanity luck.  Thanks again for your inspiring work, Kit Walker.  Best of luck to you and yours, and to us all.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Fall In a Frozen Forest

Warmth of the Sun's Rays
Hang Massive

Fall in a Frozen Forest
Agreed.  Pollution is a horrendous crime against all life and our precious environment must be cared for by each and every one of us.  Why do too many look away with nothing behind their eyes??  Politics has become a social pollution. 

Lately been paying attention to youtuber folks like Ben Davidson of SuspiciousObservers (ignoring his huge ego) and others active in exposing the official corrupt narrative of those *profiting off* of climate change.  (while we still can as social media platforms erode the constitution and bill of rights, escalating dystopian censorship)  Just when you think you've seen it all, and seen through the corruption there is unfortunately more.

From what I can wrap my head around, there are scientists that do not pander to the mainstream narrative.  Their collective research shows that the sun goes through massive cycles that warm and cool the planet, and this is in play with climate change.  The powers that be (U.N.) is skewing the scientific evidence numbers in their reports to blame climate change more on our C02 emissions, instead of the truth which is changes in our sun's cycles is largely the cause.  Pollution and environmental degradation is deadly, that is what they should be focusing on, but they are blaming the wrong reasons for climate change and in the process implying us as the cause.  And.  We are actually likely headed toward a grand solar minimum.  We are also in the beginning throes of a pole shift.  These things happen cyclically, and 12,000 years or so our sun goes nuts on us.

Trying to make sense of it.  Or anything else these days.  Grateful for, ... life.  We are here now for a reason and these are ... amazing ... times.

World Magnetic Model Update 2020.0 - Geomagnetic Excursion Explained
Dec 15, 2019
Magnetic Reversal News

This go-round, or yuga, of humanity/society? - We are infected with para$ite$ that try to keep our minds and lifestyles imprisoned by their money system.  Pollution is a separate but connected issue, that they perpetrate and cover up so they can continue to profit, like a societal cancer.  Now they blame all of us that the climate is changing! Imagine being a child in this day and age.  - When most of us would be happy to have the resources to give up cars and burning oil to heat homes that only lead to poverty, while enriching the few and destroy the environment in the process.

Fukushima case in point.   It continues to bleed into the Earth's One Ocean, on a life-killing rampage.  Not reported on in the lame-stream media.  Politics is mainly theater to distract the masses from the real issues we should be grappling with. 

Leadership is mostly into ponerology in their chase of more money and power to acquire even more money.  We are screwed if it doesn't stop yesterday.  True.  Even while they keep putting the boots to us.  Turning the screws.  Each of us in our own ways can struggle against that tide to be the change we want to see and wake up as much as possible.  Easy for me to say, recluse hiding out under a rock in a frozen forest haven.

As I commented to freefall's blog  recently,
Free, hang in there, ok?  This does suck beyond all recognition.   I imagine it must be much harder to bear for those who are raising children that they care about.  I never had to bear the brainwashing of organized religion, had both parents and they were 'runaways', but I did succumb to the brainwashing of the mental health (evil) industry at too young an age.   (got off the pills finally, struggling to stay off, but after 20 years those evil pills have done their damage...) Inspired by Pam Popper, where was this when I needed it?

It's in our DNA to know that life could be so beautiful.  This planet, and even in the throws of 3D (brutal) there could be such beauty among humans if only we could shake the fiat money system and steward the planet.  We have done so before.  This is so painful.

Please remember your soul/spirit is a spark eternal.  Wait, I don't want to push anything on you.  Just hang in there, ok?  Try to find peace and enjoyment as an act of rebellion.  Wait, there I go again.  :)  :) 

"Be the change you want to see."

Atmosphere - Lovely (feat. Nikki Jean) [Official Video]

Friday, November 22, 2019

Cover-Up of Catastrophe Which Is More Important

Suspicious 0bservers
Cover-Up of Catastrophe | Which Is More Important?

Big Daddy PePe Y'all:
"Ok Mr Ben, I believe you..... Now what in the flippin' world do we do ?"

"Survive. This battle is 1/3 luck (volcano, land sinks into ocean, etc.), 1/3 preparation with materials and mental readiness, 1/3 paying attention to the signs... that's our job.
We all come from survivors. All of us." 


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

No Nukes The Grid Going Down

photo credit
It's cosmic.  Some call it the Reset, others the Event.  Before, now, during and after? occurs our Awakening and Ascension, which of course mean a lot of different things to different folks.  Texts, petroglyphs, stone carvings of ancient cultures worldwide hint secretly within their poetic riddles.  Just come out and say it already.  Cyclical, like a Yuga.  Even with a cosmic blast impending, either by our Sun, pole-shift, asteroids or other Nemeses that would frankly wipe out most of us, all the ugliness of a torture infected culture is so unnecessary.  Yuk.  But life can have so much incredible beauty.

Fukushima anyone? (insert crickets here) is a vicious tip in a sea of icebergs.  Our precious coastlines are littered with (the barbaric crime against life here and the Universe that are) nuclear power (plants) among the deadly toxic and plastic trash.  Increasing seismic activity, anyone? with their criminal increasing of geoengineering 'super' storms, decreasing Ozone layer, protector of life.  All so a very few get sick-rich while the rest of us are slave and victim to their sick-game.  Add hello, the tip of the 'Eddy' Grand Solar Minimum.  Bye-bye food chain and then

No Nukes! The Grid Going Down

nuke plants worldwide

Earth changes.  This aging grid going Down means then nuke plants melting down all at once within hours.  Stupid, stupid nuclear power industry.  We could have been left to create a beautiful caring perma-culture planet regardless of any inevitable 'Reset(s)'.  Much more than this ecosystem would have had a better chance to survive or start again, to regenerate.  Why take the planet's crust down with us, transforming Earth into a Mars?  That damned to hell $uicidal parassss$sssitic infection that is 'politics, power and control' feeding off of this sickness.  They also destroy themselves through their hideous greed.  They have always kept us down, but why destroy (us, and all) this cycle's planetary flora and fauna now, this time, in preparation for a cosmic Event?  Has life on Earth and humanity not regenerated time and time again after these eon-long cyclic cosmic Events, or Resets??  I believe so, and that humanity has been around for millions of years longer that we are told, and perhaps we were allowed to exist in relative peace.  Life now just doesn't make sense.  Here we are now as proof positive Earth has regenerated including the creation of us, this time around...

hummingbird moth, giant phlox
hummingbird moth, giant phlox
Does Earth's current path toward destruction have terrible ramifications for not only our solar system, but for galaxies all around us, and yes, for the Universe itself?!

This beautiful spinning green blue top.  Why burn life on her alive?  Why destroy with chemicals and hatred?  Why the divide and conquer?  Why the endless escalating war and theft of life and liberty?

Grief-stricken?  Yes.  Love however is the strongest thing in the universe...and can not be destroyed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Free Leonard Peltier Great Elder Warrior Chief

on FBI Tip Line:

Native Chief Elder, Medicine Man of Honor, Respect, your incarceration is a travesty and Miscarriage of Justice.  The Great Spirit IS and will always be a better place because of You, Leonard Peltier. And now going forward is as Always is the time to set you free, because in the last few years, even the FBI admit now they had been wrong in convicting Leonard Peltier then. 

~Sacrifice~Robbie Robertson ^Free Leonard Peltier* Story

~Sacrifice~Robbie Robertson
Published on Aug 31, 2010
youtube snapshot taken 2/15/2019 


USPS Tracking says this my Open Letter
to You Leonard Peltier was in fact received.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

THE True American Eagle

some musical medicine to honor Free Leonard Peltier

The True American Eagle
2019.02.05. Free Leonard Peltier proven by law an innocent falsely accused man, an Elder Chief Wrongly Incarcerated by the U.S. '"Justice"' System for This Man's LifePlease Free Leonard Peltier it is both always and never too late for the U.S. Government to try to make reparations...whenever and wherever they can...with Leonard's case in the lead of a healing time.  It will never be too late.  No matter what.

Lakota Voices - Arlette Loud Hawk: Part 1
2/9/2019 youtube video snapshot
Published on Feb 29, 2008

Lakota Voices - Arlette Loud Hawk: Part 2
2/9/2019 youtube video snapshot
Published on Mar 1, 2008



Please visit American Indian Movement to Write to Leonard at:
Yes, this text is Ripped Off:  Copied from this AIM site Tuesday 2/5/2019 so please check their site for their latest information:::::::
Please visit this link and consider Writing to Leonard at:

 "Leonard Peltier
USP Coleman 1
US Penitentary
P.O. Box 1033
Coleman, FL 33521

Leonard can only receive letters, cards, postcards, photos, (not polaroid), and postal money orders
for his commissary account. He responds to all his mail.   


youtube video snapshot 2/5/2019  (//  no...//):

             Sacrifice -Robbie Robertson

438 4 Share

Published on Oct 16, 2010


Amnesty International:

Leonard Peltier, an Anishinabe-Lakota Native American who convicted of murder has always maintained his innocence.
Please visit this web page, because this all is more stolen text:
...//"Today, Mr. Peltier, Leonard is in his early seventies and suffers from diabetes, and was recently diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Amnesty understands that he is not eligible for consideration for parole again until 2024. Given that all available legal remedies have been exhausted and that that Leonard Peltier has now spent over 40 years in prison and is in poor health, Amnesty believes that the US authorities should order Leonard Peltier’s release from prison on humanitarian grounds and in the interests of justice.

Amnesty International has studied his case extensively over many years and remains seriously concerned about the fairness of proceedings leading to his trial and conviction. Amnesty believes that political factors may have influenced the way in which the case was prosecuted."//...

1999 PBS documentary with Robbie Robertson "Making A Noise: A Native American Musical Journey"  youtube search:

I am Ashamed to be American when I think of
this Great Man's body,
but not Spirit Still Incarcerated
I just don't want to be ashamed of the country that is home

His freedom from him Stolen.  Gahd So Wrongfully, Unlawfully this man kept in prison from the beginning of his incarceration too long ago four decades, or more now?...

makes me want to chew on broken glass it's so wrong.  
ok, you know I don't want any one of the three or four hits per day that are perhaps real human web visits and not web bots,,,to chew on any glass, ok?  I am just reacting to this horribly painful situation, symbolic of too many people who are in fact innocent and incarcerated unfairly based on the Crime of RACISM.  But Mr. Peltier is special.  He has always been a unique Great Warrior, a Great Spiritual Warrior Chief.  His medicine was Stolen by a More Corrupt, Ancient even Evil Faction of a system that enslaves All.  So his medicine is even stronger despite the terrible wrongful incarceration.

But Leonard Peltier's medicine is transformed by his exemplary life.  I say this with unfathomable respect for this Man.  He is universally loved deeply.  May his spirit continue to soar above where his body is incarcerated Unlawfully.  He absolutely MUST and Should be Freed.  It would be excellent for the Federal Government that is Incarcerating Him to Grant him what he legally needs to convalesce out of the prison.  Please, I beg of them to let this man go freed.  The American Federal Goverkment made a Mistake and they CAN Repair IT, please.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Xintra Technical School, Bankrupt and Gone

In the 90s I was working for a large financial corporation in Boston and had just achieved getting promoted to a position in the intranet department.  I wanted to get more skills for that job so I got a $7,250 loan and signed up for a Webmaster certificate at Xintra Technical School in Quincy.  There were four modules, or classes in that certificate and I took the Coding class first, then the web design.  I really liked our teacher for the web design class.  Then there was a rumor that the school was going to close.

A few weeks before the web design class was completed, the school took the money and ran - back to China.  Closed the school down.  So our web design teacher generously offered us to complete the class at his home office in Dorchester, and provide us with a certificate for his course.  I collected everyone's email addresses and got a list going.  I got the information for the Massachusetts Department of Education and how to apply for assistance from them with getting our money back.

Well, it was weird, but I believe that out of the 20 or so students in that web design class (that got robbed by Xintra,) I was the only one that applied for assistance with the Dept. of Ed.  It took over 5 years, but I did get some of that loan exonerated.  They should have comp'd three quarters of the loan, but they only did a half.  Thank you Sallie F!@#$%^&*()_reakin' Mae. 52 when those accumulated training/failed degree at U/Mass loans finally got paid off.  I'm so sorry for what the kids are going through these days.

Ear Shackles Buds On.  Turn it UP.

Sunday, January 27, 2019


something like gliding, gliding, gliding up an dove er that old green monster gone

to the tune Wooden Ships by Crosby Stills Nash and Young

hat tip to the Crack! off the end of a Bat Right OUT a Fenway Pahk


 "The Coup is Positioning to Embed in Venequela to be able to funnel Russia and China up through to the U.S.A to take over" 




The end of this song devolving into sadness?  NO.  I disagree within that hat tip tune to the Beloved but Sad song above.  Mother Earths NATURE Does Need Us.  She LOVE all  us.  We ARE IN FACT ONE organism made up of each cell, each molecule, each component, Every Last (non evil parasitic [does not kill its host]) Human On Earth



  each of us are spiritually connected more and more each second like it or not now
not up to us Look to the Universe and 'Time' or our concept of...

Friday, January 25, 2019

Amazing Grace Erykah Badu ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★

#SoulTrainAwards18 #ErykahBadu #BET
Published on Dec 3, 2018
The Legend Award honoree, Erykah Badu, preforms a sweet medley of songs that touch our souls.

Erykah Badu: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
NPR Music
Published on Aug 22, 2018
Aug. 15, 2018 | Felix Contreras

(gbus snapshot...)
Thank you for being in our world with us Erykah...amazing woman.


and in other better.nuze:


Why electing two Native American women to Congress is about more than making history
It’s about asserting indigenous women’s ancestral right to leadership

Election 2018: Night of firsts with historic wins for Muslims, Native Americans, women and LGBT candidates
By Jason Silverstein
Updated on: November 7, 2018 / 4:35 PM / CBS News (bus)