The Ouroboros | gniaes`.`seaing...gnihtyreve ni slobmys.symbols in everything...

The Ouroboros | gniaes`.`seaing...gnihtyreve ni slobmys.symbols in everything...
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Friday, May 19, 2017

Chris Cornell Suicided at 52, Dangers of Anti-Anxiety Meds

This can't be.  I don't believe one word that it was suicide.  It was not suicide.  Chris you were murdered, suicided.  I can feel your shock and confusion, and agony that you want to be here taking care of your family.  If you were as reported in fact taking Ativan for anxiety, oh, no, Chris, I am so sorry.  Way too young, you had so much more to do.  I am just heartbroken for Vicky and your children, and for your friends and us fans.  It's true that you are a beautiful man, a beautiful person and amazing musician. I will send healing to your family for the duration.  Your incarnation ceasing is a huge loss.  I love you so much.

Anti-anxiety drugs are extremely dangerous!  I was avoiding writing about this.  Last December I had asked for some anti-anxiety meds from the doc.  The insomnia sucks, can lead to the dreaded destructive mania, so does the anxiety.  She gave me Lorezapam.  I knew they caused suicidal ideation as a side effect, but took them anyway.  I got increasingly depressed taking them.  After 2 weeks, Dec. 18 I O.D.'d on all the medications I had. (I had not tried to take my life since I was 12 - that was 1973.)  I don't remember taking all those drugs. 

I woke up in the basement of CVMC.  There were paintings on the walls of water, sky, but no windows.  They told me I had O.D.'d.  I had sticky things all over my chest where they had monitored my heart.  There was death, staring me straight in the face.  I stared back.  It took me four days to get out of the clutches of that hospital.  Anti-anxiety drugs are extremely dangerous, insidious and can take one out in the flip of a switch.  I will never take anti-anxiety drugs again.  The drugs they give you for psychiatry make you sicker!

Chris Cornell is gone, there is nothing we can do to get him back.  We love you, Chris.  It is only just sinking in.  Be extremely careful with any psychotropic drugs that are offered you.  Avoid them if you can at all cost.  There are alternatives.  Homeopathic medicine.  Herbs.  Cognitive therapies.   Music...

I needed help, not pills.  I am currently doing EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing) therapy for PTSD.  It seems to be helping...

Chris, hang in there, we'll all be together over there.  So sad.  Love you.  Your family is loved and will be cared for.

Story image for Chris Cornell family from Fox News

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