∃volve is L♥ve, Sp∃lled Backwards ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★☄|☄★☮∞♥♪♬~π∃

∃volve is L♥ve, Sp∃lled Backwards ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★☄|☄★☮∞♥♪♬~π∃
Can you see the ouroboros...?

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's not of the physical plane

and it makes me question my sanity
it's like a stray belief, orphaned,
latching onto a stranger as parent
a nuisance
dreams of eclipses
seeing the black night luminary again
and again
waning in and out
there one time, forgotten the next
perennial, permanent, fleeting, cherished & sacred
and gone
perseid meteor shows on Burke's Mountain Sunday
at nine
time wears on, wpeeding up, slowing down lessening
further my capacity to see the difference between a spectre and reality

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