∃volve is L♥ve, Sp∃lled Backwards ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★☄|☄★☮∞♥♪♬~π∃

∃volve is L♥ve, Sp∃lled Backwards ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★☄|☄★☮∞♥♪♬~π∃
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

No Longer Conned by Don, 'Zen Gardner' Revealed

Zen Gardner's Cult of Betrayal

we see you now, don/zen
It was the contributors to the Zen Gardner, (aka Don Ferguson) site that drew me in.  Many interesting and caring commenters were also drawn to the site.  (Moths to a flame.)  It felt like community.  A safe one, (not).  I found myself caring about many of them, learning more about them and truly feeling a connection with other people there.  Found many cool bloggers to follow there.  I still do care about them, but it is sad, if there are any real commenters left who remain there being continually taken in by Zen, or Don, or whatever his name is. I hear he's been abandoned, and is masquerading as commenters on his own site.

Conned by Don

I was sickened when I heard.  If zen/don had come clean about his past in *the beginning* of his blogging, this whole public shock could have been avoided.  It would have been the honorable thing to do, come clean when he started blogging.  Instead, he went on to develop a following, which is a huge responsibility.  But he kept his past secret.  Lots of folks mistakenly trusted him.  But zen/don did not reveal his past willingly.  Instead, he only 'came clean' (lame) because he was *forced to do so* or be outed by Steve Seymour @ Philosophers Stone,  'The Cult of Zen Gardner: A Monster in Disguise' http://www.philosophers-stone.co.uk/?p=13298  Zen/don did not write his con-fession of his own free will.

In Shock

To think that I supported, trusted, (with so many others,) liked and respected the writings of this zen/don Ferguson who turns out to be one of lies and deceit, and god forbid with a past 27 year career in a cult rife with abuse and pedophilia.  I felt ill for days after reading Steve's revealing Philosopher's Stone article and on down the rabbit hole, of what the Children of God (COG) cult was all about, which included suicide as means of escape for some.

Zen/don was in the COG cult for a whopping 27 of his adult years, rising in ranks to a leadership position as Image Manager.  Does that sound like a victim?  I think not.  It's the fact that he concealed his past.  So he did public relations for a cult that physically and sexually abuses children, (driving some to suicide.)  Did he not read the publications of his own cult?  In his position he must have.  It is hard to believe him when he claims that he was not aware of these fatal facts.  And that later in his career there he says he did become aware of some of the abuses, and he claims he tried to help, but exactly how?  Where is some evidence proving he tried to help victims?  It is impossible for me to believe him at all any more. 

Community or Cult

For many of the die-hard commenters there at zengardner.com the site seemed the only social life they had with like-minded people.  I signed up to receive added comments to the evasive posts My Missing Years (and the following All the World's a Cult) and there were those still holding on to that place, praising and forgiving and thanking him, taking what he wrote at face value.  Many others who have pointed questions are finding their comments are being moderated out.  Shut that site down.

Rude Awakening

Admittedly, commenting on that site, was the first online community that I had ever felt I was a part of.  'Zen' was a pen-name, that seemed obvious and ok.  But now in the ugly glare of 'zen/don's' being forcibly outed, what is most upsetting for me about losing that venue is losing them.  Most are realizing the truth behind this sociopath posing as a Truther.  His new cult to lead, disbanding.

Through the Deception

Before the reveal, some had already seen through at least part of zen/don's deception.  If only he had come on to the blogging scene clean, with full disclosure.  He would have avoided all this pain.  But he had to deceive, which only leads to unraveling.  I don't feel stupid at this point.  He bamboozled a lot of highly intelligent, successful truther speakers/activists/bloggers.   To think I looked up to this sociopath, makes me cringe. I've been wiping any links to his site off of this blog.  Hope I didn't miss any.

Depth of Devastation

We will never know the depth of devastation that the COG cult perpetrated. Many that did manage to escape only to struggle with isolation and suicidal depression. The suffering spans generations.  I wish their suffering to end and send them healing and peace.

So zen/don did not reveal his past on his own, and when he (was forced) to, he took the stance of victim, and continues to do so.  Forced revelation is betrayal. He is supposed to be a Truther, but he can't stop concealing.  That is just so wrong.

I will however, keep an open mind when evidence shows itself, truth always comes out. 

It would be cool if any of the COG cult survivors that knew him would speak up, have you come across any who write on the web?  It may answer a lot of questions.  Bring truth to what he continues to evade. The continuance of dishonesty by withholding the truth is unforgivable.


by Chautauqua @ Augureye Express:
What's Growing in Zen's Garden | http://augureye.blogspot.com/2016/08/whats-growing-in-zens-garden.html     '...Truth is never honored by protecting it with a wall of lies.  The TRUTH needs no protection ~ The truth points to itself.'

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by Steve Seymour @ Philosophers Stone:
The reveal:  The Cult of Zen Gardner: A Monster in Disguise | http://www.philosophers-stone.co.uk/?p=13298   'If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.'

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